The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Costa da Caparica

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Situated a stone’s throw from Portugal’s vibrant capital, Lisbon, Costa da Caparica is growing as a hotspot for digital nomads from across the globe. The allure of its expansive sandy beaches combined with a surfer’s paradise makes it a haven not just for relaxation, but for those seeking an invigorating blend of work and play.

Beyond the waves, Costa da Caparica boasts a range of co-working spaces and coliving facilities tailored for the modern remote worker, all set against the backdrop of a picturesque seaside town.

Its proximity to Lisbon ensures that digital nomads can seamlessly integrate the buzz of city life and benefits of Lisbon’s nomad community with the tranquillity of coastal living, creating a balanced lifestyle that’s hard to resist. And with the introduction of Portugal’s digital nomad visa, it’s likely that this will become a more appealing place as more and more freelancers and remote workers look for somewhere they can put down roots and establish a base.

Pros & Cons

As with anywhere, there are pros and cons to living in Costa da Caparica.


  • Beach Access: While there are a lot of beach towns near Lisbon, such as Cascais or Carcavelos, this is one of the best beaches in the area. There’s more than 15 km of coastline, so unlike other beaches near Lisbon, this one won’t feel as crowded.
  • Surf: Costa da Caparica boasts 30 kilometers of diverse beach breaks catering to all surfing levels, from Cova do Vapor to Fonte da Telha. While the central town waves are popular due to defined peaks from jetties, they can get crowded; however, quieter spots are accessible with a bit of exploration. This surfing haven offers waves throughout the year, with its wave size being a midpoint between Ericeira’s west coast and Estoril’s south coast.
  • More Laid-Back: Although Costa da Caparica can get busy during the summer months, it’s much less busy than Central Lisbon and, due to the surf and beach-focus, has much more of a laid-back vibe.


  • Cost: Although not in the heart of Lisbon, accommodation costs in Costa da Caparica can still be expensive due to its desirability.
  • Public Transport: Despite its proximity to Lisbon, getting to and from the Portuguese capital isn’t as easy as it could be, particularly at night. There can also be traffic on the 25 de Abril Bridge, particularly at rush hour, which makes it harder to get in and out of Lisbon.
  • Smaller Community: The digital nomad community is much smaller than that of Lisbon. If you’re looking for be part of a bigger community, you might find yourself going in and out of Lisbon quite a lot.

Finding Accommodation

Short and Medium-Term Accommodation

As with Lisbon, finding affordable short and medium term accommodation can be a challenge in Costa da Caparica. Airbnb is the most popular website to use, but it’s also worth looking at Flatio, which focuses on medium-term stays and is popular with digital nomads. Another option is Spotahome. usually focuses more on hotels, but it does list some apartments and villas, so it is worth looking at as well.

There are also one or two coliving spaces in Costa da Caparica. This type of accommodation is similar to a boutique hostel or guesthouse where all of the other guests are digital nomads. It can be a great way to meet other people.

Example coliving spaces in Costa da Caparica include:

  • Kite & Surf Coliving: Kite & Surf Coliving is a fully furnished, modern villa nestled near Praia da Mata and the National Park, boasting a tropical garden and amenities like fiber-optic internet, AC/heating, and dedicated spaces for kite/surf equipment. The villa ensures convenience with its proximity to essential spots: a short drive to the beach, walking distance to the supermarket and bus station, and a quick drive to Lisbon and the airport. Whether you’re an avid surfer or seeking relaxation, this villa provides a blend of comfort and accessibility.
  • Gota Dagua: Gota Dagua offers an optimal coliving experience in Portugal, attracting digital nomads and entrepreneurs eager to surf and connect. Nestled in the serene São João da Caparica neighborhood, with its traditional cobblestone streets and cafes, the co-living surf house is merely an 8-minute walk from the beach and 15 minutes by car from vibrant Lisbon. Guests can enjoy both private and shared accommodations, a collaborative office space, daily activities, communal dinners, and a taste of authentic Portuguese culture.

Long-Term Accommodation

For longer-term options, Facebook groups and classifieds websites like Idealista and OLX are the main places to look. If you’re renting or buying a property in Costa da Caparica, always check that you can get fibre internet before signing a contract. Internet speeds in Costa da Caparica are great (1 gbps is common and 10 gbps is possible) but some properties, particularly outside of the town centre, may not have fibre internet access yet.

Co-Working Spaces

Costa may not have the same number of coworking spaces as Lisbon, but it does have plenty of options to pick from.

  • Dr Bernard Work Place: One of the most popular coworking spots in Costa, Dr Bernard Workspace is a haven for remote workers. This coworking space is not just about its prime location; it’s designed to boost productivity and inspire creativity. With reliable high-speed internet connectivity, each worker is offered a dedicated desk housed within vibrant glass cubicles. If you’re seeking a breather or a dose of inspiration, the external balcony offers arresting ocean views – a tempting invitation for a quick surfing session between meetings.
  • Fabrica Moderna: Fábrica Moderna stands out as a dynamic collaborative workshop focused on merging technology with hands-on manufacturing in fields like product design, arts, and crafts. Beyond just a digital fabrication lab, it fosters a vibrant community where professionals, students, and businesses share knowledge, rent space for creation, and nurture innovative projects. Offering more than just co-working, Fábrica Moderna provides a supportive environment for brainstorming, workshops, and mentorship for budding product developments.
  • 10 cowork: 10cowork in Caparica seamlessly blends work and leisure in a prime location, offering a diverse range of modern amenities from the relaxed Cool Lounge to the tech-centric Shared Lab. The space boasts a unique mix of private meeting rooms, community-driven workspaces, and a versatile lab perfect for innovators and tech enthusiasts. Its design, location, and offerings make it a hub for collaboration and creativity.
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