DailyNata Review: A Context-Driven Approach to Learning European Portuguese

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DailyNata is an online platform designed to help learners master European Portuguese. With its unique approach to language learning, engaging content, and supportive community, DailyNata is quickly becoming an incredibly popular resource for learning European Portuguese (especially thanks to this discount for Portugalist readers).

The platform bases its lessons on breaking down the language used in sayings, fresh jokes, insightful quotes, and engaging short stories, consistently engaging its learners with a distinctive approach that sets it apart from other platforms. Emphasising repetition and exposure, DailyNata Plus members have ample opportunities to practise and reinforce their language skills.

The stories often have a humorous element, although the teaching presentation is quite serious in nature. While there are other platforms that take a more entertaining approach to learning Portuguese, DailyNata’s selling point is its thoroughness in breaking down the Portuguese language. It’s best-suited to serious language learners, who are interested in learning the ins and outs of the language rather than just “conversational Portuguese” or a shortcut to the A2 level (the minimum level required for citizenship). 

As well as the regular stories, there is also a static course that covers beginner’s Portuguese as well as an extremely comprehensive grammar and vocabulary section. The ‘Practical Portuguese’ section is especially helpful as it covers Portuguese for all of those real life situations you’re likely to encounter–at the supermarket, renting a house, and asking for directions, for example. 


  • Comprehensive Grammar Coverage: DailyNata Plus covers key grammar topics across all levels, from A1 to B2, through focused articles and exercises.
  • Practical Portuguese Lessons: Learn essential scenarios like giving directions and shopping through practical lessons.
  • Spelling and Pronunciation Guides: Master the unique sounds of European Portuguese with detailed guides.
  • Music-Based Learning: Unlock language through music, analysing songs to learn vocabulary and grammar in an engaging way.
  • Quizzes and Reviews: Reinforce learning with quizzes following every few stories and monthly reviews designed to solidify language skills.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with other learners, practise Portuguese, and discuss topics of interest in the “O Café” feature. This community element can be beneficial for maintaining motivation and overcoming challenges.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: Each lesson introduces new vocabulary words, complete with definitions and example sentences to help learners expand their lexicon.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Students can engage with the language through interactive quizzes that test comprehension and reinforce learning.


DailyNata Plus relies on subscriptions to continue running and improving the platform. By subscribing, not only do you support the project, but you also gain unlimited access to all the articles, stories, exercises, and features in the learning centre.

DailyNata Plus is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices, making it easy to learn Portuguese on the go. 

Portugalist readers can enjoy a special discount on DailyNata Plus subscriptions:

  • Monthly subscription: €15 per month (instead of €19)
  • Annual subscription: €100 per year (instead of €150), saving you €50

Cost-wise, this is very affordable, especially as many other European Portuguese courses charge on a flat-rate, which often amounts to several hundred euros or more. The ability to pay monthly is ideal for those on a lower income. Unlike other platforms at similar price points, DailyNata Plus allows members to ask questions on any part of the content, ensuring personalised support. DailyNata also provides enough new content to justify a subscription–new emails are sent twice per week, amounting to eight lessons per month. 

Free vs Plus Membership

While the free version of DailyNata offers a taste of the platform’s unique approach to language learning, the Plus membership unlocks the full potential of the resource.

Free membership includes:

  • Twice weekly emails with a short Portuguese lesson
  • Basic vocabulary and grammar explanations
  • Limited access to stories and exercises

Upgrading to the Plus membership grants you:

  • Unlimited access to all extended stories, lessons, and quizzes
  • In-depth grammar articles and exercises
  • Expanded vocabulary lists with definitions and examples
  • Interactive quizzes to test your understanding
  • Full participation in the “O Café” community
  • Personalised support on all content areas


DailyNata Plus is a comprehensive and engaging platform for learning European Portuguese. Its unique approach, combined with its wide range of features and supportive community, makes it an excellent choice for learners at all levels. While the free version offers a glimpse into the platform’s potential, the Plus membership is where learners can truly immerse themselves in the language and make significant progress. 

The teaching approach is a little more formal than some other platforms, and mimics that of a Portuguese classroom, however there are some fun sections such as the ‘learn Portuguese with music’ section. 

The structured course covers A1 level Portuguese but it would be great to see it cover A2 and even higher, particularly as A2 is the level most people focus on in order to get Portuguese citizenship. The weekly emails are also at a higher level than A1, so there’s a bit of a difference in difficulty between the structured course and the weekly emails. In order to fully benefit from the weekly emails, it would be helpful if learners could bolster their Portuguese to at least an A2 if not B1 level. 

As with most online platforms, DailyNata lacks the ability to practise speaking with native speakers. If you’re planning on using this platform, you will also need to find a way of speaking with locals whether that’s through a platform like Italki or finding a tandem exchange partner. While the platform does have ‘O Café’ where you can chat with other people on the course on a Facebook-style platform, it isn’t going to replace the benefits of chatting one-on-one with a native speaker. 

Overall, this is a great platform for those that want to delve into the nuts and bolts of the Portuguese language. Those with a foundational level of Portuguese will probably benefit most from this site, however there is plenty of content for those that are just getting started as well. 

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