The Algarve for Digital Nomads

algarve digital nomads

The Algarve could be the perfect digital nomad hotspot. Off-season, or away from the coast, accommodation is affordable and the cost of living is equally very affordable as well. A coffee (bica) can be as cheap as €0.50 and a beer often costs just €1. There’s miles of beautiful coastline and it’s usually very easy to find a café with Wi-Fi as well.

Unfortunately, even though Lisbon has become a digital nomad hotspot, with a buzzing community and plenty of co-working, and co-living spaces, and Porto with its growing number of coworking spaces is getting there as well, the Algarve has yet to take off as the next Chiang Mai.

If you come to visit, don’t expect to bump into many other digital nomads. That said, there are a few co-working spots and desks to rent in the Algarve, so things are slowly beginning to take off.

Coworking Retreats

There are now several co-living retreats in Portugal, and this includes some in the Algarve. Others happen sporadically, and take place for just a couple of weeks in the year. There is now always at least one of these per year.

Coworking Spots

Cowork Lagos – Co-working space with 24/7 access.

  • Price: €30 per month
  • Website:
  • Trial day available: On Wednesdays

CENTRO Lagos – A coworking/shared office space.

Faro Avenida Business Centre – A coworking space for freelancers, digital nomads, and teleworkers. Other services available include meeting rooms, lockers, and a phone service.

  • Price: 1 day = €10, 1 month from €70.
  • Website:
  • Trial day available – just get in touch with them.

Cowork Mucancas, Loulé – A small co-working space located in Loulé, a small town close to Faro. Facilities include showers, coffee and tea, printers, a kitchen, storage area, a conference room, and free parking.

  • Price: 1 day = €15, 1 month from €150.
  • Website:

Mobile Internet (Mi-Fi) Options in Portugal

If you’re looking for mobile internet while you’re in Portugal, a number of companies hire out mi-fi hubs on a short to medium term basis. These devices create a portable wi-fi hotspot, allowing you to connect a laptop (or several devices) to the network and work while you’re visiting Portugal.

Meet other digital nomads/Freelancers

There are a few relevant groups on Facebook: Algarve Digital Nomads and Digital Nomads Portugal. If you want to meet other digital nomads in the Algarve, try posting in here and letting people know that you’re in town.

Start Algarve, a meetup group for startup owners in the Algarve, is another place to meet fellow entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and startup owners. Meetups are infrequent, but it’s always worth checking to see if there’s something happening while you’re in the Algarve.

While not about freelancing specifically, the couchsurfing forums can be a good place to meet other people while travelling. As with the Digital Nomads Portugal Facebook group, just post a message saying that you’re in town and see who wants to meet up.

Cafés to work from

Finding Wi-Fi in the Algarve isn’t difficult. It’s often available in cafés, and it’s also available in plenty of council-owned properties as well. Spending time in a café is a big part of Portuguese culture, and although there aren’t many digital natives living in the Algarve, it’s unlikely anyone will get annoyed if you spend half a day in their café.

Tip: If you don’t know the Wi-Fi password, it’s often the name of the café. This works about 50% of the time so it’s always worth trying.


Lazy Jacks – Located on Lagos Marina, this bar/restaurant is a very easy place to work from and it has a very good internet connection as well. It can be touristy and busy during the summer months but outside of the summer months, there’s usually only a few tables with customers and nobody seems bothered if you work from there. (Tripadvisor Link)

Café Tropical – A small café with free Wi-Fi, Café Tropical is an easy café to work from for a few hours. (Tripadvisor Link)


Café DaRosa – If you just want to check e-mails or do something quickly, this is a nice place to work from. Free internet access is available from the nearby Silves council, so you don’t even have to ask the café for a password. (Tripadvisor Link)

Do you have any tips for working remotely in the Algarve? Are you planning on visiting? Let us know in the comments below. 


  1. Thanks for the guide! I’m going to try living as a digital nomad on the Algarve in May. I can’t wait to check out the surf and the national parks nearby.

  2. Really nice guide, thank you for these insights!

    I was wondering, what about finding an accommodation on the Algarve for longer rent (1-3 month). Any tipps?


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