A Guide to Taxis at Faro Airport

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Published: January 2019 & Last Updated: June 2021

You’ll find a taxi rank directly outside the arrivals terminal at Faro Airport. It’s not a big airport: just walk outside and you’ll see the taxis waiting. 

Official taxis are easily recognisable as they usually have a black body and a green roof. There are still a few beige taxis in the Algarve, but the majority are now the newer style which is green and black. 

There’s no need to pre-book or get a ticket inside the terminal. Just head outside, and go to the first taxi in the queue. 

Of course, getting a taxi at the airport isn’t the cheapest option. It’s actually cheaper to pre-book an airport transfer. 

Airport taxi VS airport transfer

Airport transfers are quite a bit cheaper than getting a taxi at the airport, something which comes as a surprise to a lot of people.

Book an airport transfer from Faro Airport to Albufeira and you can expect to pay €30 with Welcome Pickups, one of many airport transfer companies operating at Faro Airport. Take a taxi, however, and the cheapest you’ll pay is €46. That’s €16 more than what an airport transfer with Welcome Pickups costs.

Of course, it could send up costing more than €46. The price above is based on the set price per km and the minimum initial fare and doesn’t take into account other costs i.e. sitting idle (e.g. at traffic lights), a luggage fee, or a different price for weekends, holidays, or certain times of the day.

Faro Airport Taxi Estimates

To see which was the cheapest, the following locations were tested. Prices are an estimate and were accurate at the time of writing. 

  Kilometres € Airport Taxi Welcome Pickups € Difference
Albufeira 45.6 46.114 30 16.114
Lagos 90.3 88.132 69 19.132
Alvor 74.5 73.28 55 18.28
Praia da Rocha 73.6 72.434 61 11.434
Vilamoura 26.5 28.16 25 3.16

The airport transfer company (Welcome Pickups) was cheaper in every instance, however, there is one exception: taxis to Faro City Centre

An airport transfer from Faro Airport to Faro City Centre with Welcome Pickups will cost €19.  It’ll cost less than half that in a taxi. So, if you’re going to Faro City Centre rather than somewhere outside of Faro, take a taxi or an Uber from Faro Airport instead. 

What about Uber? 

Uber actually isn’t that much cheaper than getting a taxi. The estimate Uber gave was between €39 and €52. If you managed to get €39, it would be cheaper than the €46 estimate an airport taxi would cost but still €9 more expensive than what an airport transfer would cost.

Other airport transfer companies

As well as Welcome Pickups, a few other airport transfer companies to look at include:

  • Hoppa.com
  • Rideways.com
  • Yellowfish Transfers

I need a babyseat

Taxis in Portugal are required to have babyseats in their vehicles (Ubers usually don’t). Many airport transfer companies also allow you to request child seats or baby booster seats when booking your transfer. Some companies, like Sun Transfers, charge for this service, while others like Welcome Pickups and Yellowfish Transfers offer this for free. 

Tips on tipping

Tipping in taxis isn’t very common in Portugal but, because so many tourists visit the Algarve, the tipping culture here is slightly different to the rest of Portugal. 

The general tipping rule in Portugal, whether it’s in a taxi or at a restaurant, is that tips are not expected but they are appreciated. Portugal has some of the lowest wages in the EU, and every little helps. €1-2 is the standard amount, and, percentage-wise, people rarely tip more than 10%. 

Alternative ways to get to your destination

  • Shuttle bus: The cheapest way to get to your destination, aside from taking public transport, is to book onto a shuttle bus. This normally takes a lot longer than a taxi or transfer as the bus will have to make a few stops along the way, but it’s normally quicker than taking public transfer. Shuttle buses can be booked on hoppa.com. 
  • Car rental: Renting a car for your trip to the Algarve is definitely a good idea as relying on public transport to get around the Algarve will be very time-consuming and you will find it difficult to get to more remote places (beaches, for example). 
  • Bus or Train: For most destinations, you’ll need to take the airport bus (#16) or a taxi into Faro and then take a bus or train onto your destination. Note: while there are bus stations in most major towns on the Algarve, the train line only goes to a few places. 

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  1. Just an update on taxis from faro airport to city centre. Our advance pickup arrangement with a taxi service ( faro central taxis ) charged us an outrageous $40euro. Our hotel tried to explain it was because our flight was 30 minutes late and they had to wait.( good gig for them as there are so many delayed flights ) A green roof taxi outside the airport is currently ( Nov 5/22 ) 10-12 euros to city centre. Unless you’ve prearranged a set price and need a van to take you further away from Faro, don’t bother with a pre arranged taxi service into the city centre. Central city taxis also charged $16 for the return to the airport. ( this was also arranged by our hotel Avenue 41 - our bad should have checked with who they were calling ) It’s quite likely our hotel and others have a cozy arrangement with this service on the side. This was our first and last pre arranged “taxi service”

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