Where to Store Your Luggage in Aveiro

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Although Aveiro is incredibly flat by Portuguese standards, you don’t want to lug your luggage around if you can avoid it. You want to drop your bags and go eat some ovos moles or take a ride on a moliceiro (a Portuguese gondola).

So if you’re arriving into Aveiro before you can check-in, or you’re checking out of an Airbnb early, or just visiting for a day, don’t worry: there are ways to store your luggage for a few hours, days, or even longer. 

The easiest option is to use one of the many luggage storage apps like Luggage Hero or Bounce. These apps allow you to find local cafes, restaurants, or bars that will allow you to store your bags (for a fee) with rates that start from around €6 per day. Don’t expect a huge number of luggage storage options. Most of the apps listed just a handful options, most of which are in central Aveiro. That said, although there are fewer options than Lisbon and Porto, there are more than enough options to easily find somewhere to store your bags, suitcases, and rucksacks.

Note: When picking a luggage storage location, be sure to check the opening hours. As some are shops or cafés, they may close outside of business hours.

3 Hours24 Hours3 DaysInsurancePromo Code
Luggage Hero€ 5€ 8€ 18€ 2,500PORTUGALIST (2 Hours Free)
NannyBag€ 6€ 6€ 14€ 1,500PORTUGAL5 (5% off)
Bounce€5€5€15$10kPORTUGALIST5 (5% off)

As well as the luggage storage apps, there are a few other places where you can store your bags and suitcases. 

While there’s no luggage storage facility at Aveiro train station, Aveiro bus station, which is next to the train station (map) has 16 lockers where you can store your bags for €1.50 per day. This is a good option if you’re arriving by bus, but the station is a little outside the town centre so you may want to look at one of the app options as well.

Locker at Aveiro bus station

As always, another option is to ask your hotel or Airbnb. Most hotels are happy for you to leave your bags at reception, but it’s always good to double check. Airbnbs are a little trickier since they don’t have a reception, but some will allow you to drop your bags somewhere.

There’s also Art drop luggage and other stuff, which is located close to Aveiro Train Station. It costs €3-€4 per day, per bag, with discounts for stays of five days or more. Opening hours can be found here.

Another alternative, if you’re working while travelling, would be to work from a co-working space or library for a few hours. Fusion Cowork, for example, offers daily rates.

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