Food Delivery in Portugal: Takeaways, Supermarkets, & More that Deliver

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Depending on where you live in Portugal, it may be possible to get your Friday night pizza, your weekly shopping, and your organic vegetable box all delivered to your door without you ever leaving the house. This saves you time, leaving you with more time to perfect those Portuguese dishes you’ve been meaning to try.

Great news for anyone who’s stuck indoors, sick, doesn’t have a car, or is just feeling a little lazy.


Ordering takeaway Online

Thanks to apps and websites like Uber Eats and Glovo, it’s now possible to order pizza, Chinese food, and even healthy meals at the click of a button.

Uber Eats

✔ Available in English ✔ Order online ✔ Order via the app

Uber Eats is one of the largest takeaway delivery services in Portugal, allowing you to order from both restaurants and established takeaways and have it delivered to your door.

The service is available in several parts of Portugal, including Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, Aveiro, Funchal, and Coimbra.

Download the app or order online at


✔ Available in English ✔ Order online ✔ Order via the app

Glovo is the app that allows you to order just about anything, whether that’s food from a restaurant or takeaway, a videogame from Fnac, or products from the supermarket.

Glovo is currently available in a number of Portuguese cities including Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Braga, Coimbra, and Guimarães. Check the map of locations here or enter your city when you signup.

Download the app or order online at

✔ Available in English ✔ Order online ✔ Order via the app

Often overshadowed by Uber Eats and Glovo, offers deliveries from restaurants and takeaways in cities all across Portugal.

And, unlike Uber Eats or Glovo, often offers free delivery on orders above a certain value (set by the shop).

Download the app or order online at

Read more about ordering online takeaway in Portugal

Ordering takeaway by Telephone

Although apps like Uber Eats and Glovo make it easy to order food online in places like Lisbon and Porto, the vast majority of takeaways in Portugal do things the old-fashioned way: you phone up for your order (and you probably have to drive down and pick it up).

Some places will offer delivery, but this is quite rare in more rural parts of Portugal.

The best way to find local takeaways in your area is via Google Maps.

Other meal delivery services

  • Eat Tasty delivers fresh and healthy lunches to offices and homes. Currently available in Lisboa, Amadora, Oeiras, and Sintra.


Online grocery shopping has been slow to take off in Portugal, particularly outside of the cities, but it’s slowly becoming more common.

Note: Some supermarkets require you to use your NIF or Fiscal Number when you place a grocery shop order online, which isn’t something that most tourists (and even some expats) have. However, you can simple enter the number ‘0’ nine times instead.

You may also run into issues if you don’t have a Portuguese phone number.


✗Not available in English

✔ Home delivery ✔ Click & Collect ✔ Nº de Contribuinte not required

Continente is the supermarket chain with the most stores in Portugal, and this should be your first port of call when thinking about online shopping. According to Continente’s website, deliveries are available across all of mainland Portugal.

Orders can be delivered to your home or set aside for collection.

Unfortunately one downside is that Continente’s website is currently only available in Portuguese, which may make it difficult for tourists and many expats to use (although you can try using Google Translate).

Auchan (previously Jumbo)

✔ Available in English

✗ Nº de Contribuinte not required

Auchan offers online shopping, and the website is available in English making it an easy option for visitors to Portugal.

Delivery is available in parts of the country and it’s also possible to pick up your order from certain stores.

A Nº de Contribuinte is required, however it’s possible to enter your passport number of fiscal number in another country.


  • During peak times, Auchan sometimes limits the number of people accessing their website via a queuing system.
  • You need to log into your account before you can put anything in your basket.


✔ Available in English ✔ Click & Collect

Intermarché offers online shopping and delivery to certain parts of Portugal. If home delivery isn’t available, many stores allow you to order and collect.

To find out if online shopping is available in your area, enter your postcode here.

Note: The online store is available in English, but only a few words get translated.

Pingo Doce

✔ Nº de Contribuinte not required

✗Available in English

Pingo Doce is another major Portuguese super chain, with more than 400 stores dotted across the country. After Continente, it’s worth checking if Pingo Doce offers online shopping in your area.

Online shopping is available in areas where there is a Pingo Doce store – it doesn’t seem possible to shop online and pick up at the nearest store.

It seems to be possible to shop online without a Nº de Contribuinte.

Note: Pingo Doce sometimes requires a minimum order (typically €50) for online shopping so it may not be suitable for small shops.


✔ Available in English

Apolónia, an upmarket supermarket in the Algarve, offers online shopping and home delivery. You can see a regularly-updated list of places that Apolónia delivers to here.

The website is available in English, and it’s fairly easy to use.

Fruit & Vegetable/Bio Services

Mercearia Bio – Offers bio or organic products as well as many vegan alternative products. Delivery is available throughout Portugal, although frozen or refrigerated products can’t be delivered to Madeira and The Azores.

Fruta Feia – A subscription service for ugly or misshapen fruit. Note: you have to pickup your order rather than it being delivered to your home.

International Products

Expats living in Portugal often find themselves missing certain food products, but thankfully there are plenty of expat food delivery services that’ll deliver to your home here in Portugal such as British Cornershop (British), My American Market (American), and Dutch Expat Shop (Dutch).

Wine & Alcohol

Although most of the supermarkets stock a range of Portuguese wines, if you’re looking for something specific, you may have better luck at a specialist wine shop.

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James Cave is the founder of Portugalist and the author of the bestselling book, Moving to Portugal Made Simple. He has visited just about every part of Portugal, including Madeira and all nine islands of the Azores, and lived in several parts of Portugal including Lisbon, the Algarve, and Northern Portugal.

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  1. Hello James,

    thank you very much for effort and time to create this website!

    We highly appreciate it!

    Sunny Regards from Costa Caparica

    • You’re very welcome, Alexander! I need to write a bit about Costa da Caparica actually. It’s becoming a popular place to live.

  2. Hi James,
    I am going to Sintra in November and need to get some food for a week from the nearest large supermarket to the centre of the old town. Where can I get a taxi and would the driver cme back for me once I have finished shopping?

    • Hi Kate,

      There’s a medium-sized supermarket (Pingo Doce) near one of the train stations in Sintra (map). It will probably have most of what you need.

      If you want to get a taxi to the nearby Lidl or Modelo, there are usually taxis outside the train stations. Yes, they will wait or come back. Most taxi drivers will have a business card with their mobile number on it, so you can phone them when you’re ready.

      Also, I think Uber also operates in Sintra now.

  3. Hi FYI I’ve just successfully undertaken an online shop At Apolónia- I emailed re the vat code and if you click on the drop down box and select other your order will go through.

  4. Hia
    I am trying to join intermarche to do an online order. It is asking for my mob number, but not accepting the number I have given. It accepts 9 digits. Thanks Meinir x

  5. Hello, we arrive in Praia da Rocha on 7 July, we are self catering, and both my husband and grand-daughter are Lacto and dairy intolerant. Can anybody advise me what dairy free ranges there are in Portugal and how would I identify them in supermarkets. Many thanks xx

  6. Hey James,
    I want to buy a car seat for my daughter as I will rent a car in Proto. Is there online shopping of car seat and delivery to home ?

    • Hi Angela,

      Good question! I’ve heard of a few people buying child car seats rather than renting them, so I’ll have to do a full article on this sometime.

      Amazon Spain is one of the easiest places to look and delivery to Portugal can be as quick as 1-2 days.

  7. Hi James,
    Is there a company i Portugal who deliver food home to your house, ones or more a week. The box contains all products to make the recipe the company have for the week?

    • Subscription boxes aren’t very common here in Portugal. You might find companies that deliver organic vegetables, but I haven’t come across a company that delivers all the ingredients for a recipe yet.

  8. Tried registering for Jumbo but when I click on the email to confirm registration, I only get an error message. Tried many times also on multiple browsers, no avail. Any tips? It seems this is the only English-language option (Mercearia Bio seems ok but has very limited selection).

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hey James, thanks for your posting! We’re a party trying to arrange a supermarket delivery to our villa in Albufeira via Jumbo however they are asking for a VAT number at the end stages of booking do you know anything about this!? Thanks!

    • Some websites ask for a fiscal number (Portuguese financial identity number). Your British Passport number should work, though.


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