10+ Incredible Yoga Retreats Taking Place in Portugal

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Known for its beautiful beaches and great weather, Portugal is the perfect destination for a yoga retreat. You’ll find yoga retreats taking place across the whole of the country: particularly in the Algarve and around Ericeira, but also in the centre and northern parts of Portugal.

Note: The following is a list of just some of the guesthouses, hostels, and hotels that offer yoga getaways in Portugal. Looking at all of the websites individually can take time, so it may be worth looking at other websites like responsible travel as these allow you to enter your dates see all of the retreats happening then.

The Algarve

There’s more to the Algarve than just beach resorts and seaside cocktail bars. Step away from the popular coastal resort towns and you’ll find a part of Portugal that’s relatively undiscovered – the rural Algarve. It’s here, particularly in the rugged, unspoilt Western Algarve, where the majority of the Algarve yoga retreats are held.


Moorwellbeing offers yoga and meditation retreats at Casa Vida, 5 minutes from Loulé and 20 minutes from Faro Airport. As well as the yoga itself, guests can also enjoy healthy vegetarian cuisine, art and crafts workshops, and relaxing holistic treatments. 

Wolfs Yoga

Situated near Vila do Bispo on the Western side of the Algarve, Wolfs Yoga normally offers different styles of yoga at their sunny villa: Ashtanga Yoga and a Yin, Yang & Mindfulness. Meditation is a big part of all the retreats, and normally there’s a focus on noble silence (silence in the evenings until breakfast) as well.

During your free time, you can arrange other activities like stand up paddle boarding (SUP), surf lessons, massage, and hiking. It’s also possible to go sightseeing and there are some beautiful towns situated nearby including Vila do Bispo, Sagres, Praia da Luz, and Burgau.

Epic Sana

Most yoga retreats take place in a guesthouse or a hostel but, if you’d prefer to stay somewhere a little more upmarket, the 5-star Epic Sana resort near Albufeira regularly runs yoga retreats. As well as yoga classes, the retreats normally also focus on massage and meditation and you get access to the hotel’s spa facilities – everything you need to leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Algarve Yoga

Algarve Yoga offers yoga retreats at their guesthouses in the Western Algarve, both just a short distance from the beautiful Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. There is a big focus on healthy eating and spending time in nature, and relaxing: you won’t have to cook, do your own laundry, or plan anything while you’re there.

algarve yoga retreat

As well as pure yoga holidays, there are normally also yoga and surf as well as yoga and detox holidays available throughout the year.

Bura Surf House

Bura Surf House is situated in Lagos, a town that’s popular with surfers visiting the Algarve, and is just one of many retreats that offer a combined yoga and surf retreat in Portugal.

Bura Surfhouse - Rooftop Yoga full size

Yoga classes take place on the hostel’s rooftop, which offers particularly breathtaking views at sunset.

Meka Yoga Retreats

Meka Yoga Retreats organises yoga retreats across the Algarve, particularly in Sagres, Vila do Bispo, and other towns along the Algarve’s West Coast. The main focus of the retreats is on Asana (yoga poses), Pranayama (breathing techniques and exercises), and meditation.


You don’t necessarily have to attend one of their retreats to do yoga: during the summer months, Meka Yoga organises weekly drop-in classes as well.

PMF Yoga

PFM Yoga organises yoga retreats that normally take place at the beautiful Memmo Baleeira Hotel near Sagres. As well as yoga, the retreats normally focus on breath work, qigong, and mindfulness, and there’s normally a singing bowls sessions as well. As well as yoga, you can also take part in other activities like stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP), surfing, and nature walks.

PFM Yoga

Alternatively, you could also book a stay directly with Memmo Baleeira Hotel. The hotel doesn’t organise retreats, but you can book yoga classes at the hotel’s reception.

Lisbon (and nearby)

While you may be looking to escape the city for a little bit, the idea of combining your yoga retreat with a day or two in Lisbon may be too tempting to pass up. If that’s the case, there are plenty of retreats taking place in and around Lisbon – in places like Cascais and Estoril while Ericeira (mentioned below) is also not that far from Lisbon.

The Salty Pelican

Situated in Cascais, just over an hour from Lisbon by train, the Salty Pelican is a popular hostel in Cascais that offers a number of different yoga retreats throughout the year. There is normally a yoga and surf retreat, as the hostel is very focused on surfing, and there’s also normally a yoga and massage retreat as well.

Salty Pelican

Accommodation options include dorm-style bunk beds or private double rooms. The hostel is quite social and regularly hosts BBQ evenings and has a lounge where you can meet other guests and play board games or even guitar. 

Blue Boutique Hostel

Located just along the coast from Lisbon’s city centre, in the seaside town of Estoril, lies the Blue Boutique Hostel. This hostel normally has two types of yoga: Hatha at sunrise and Vinyasa at sunset. They also run regular yoga retreats, which often cover both surfing and yoga.

The hostel also has a co-working space, which is really useful if you’re a digital nomad or just someone who (sadly) has to answer a few e-mails during their stay.


Ericeira is one of Portugal’s most popular surfing destinations, and this is a great place to come to if you want to combine yoga with some time on the board. The town of Ericeira is less than an hour from Lisbon by car,

Moka Surf House

Situated in the popular surfing town of Ericeira, Moka Surf House offers stays of 3,5, and 7 nights that can focus solely on yoga, surfing, or a combination with both. Yoga takes place in a large Mongolian yurt, and several types of yoga are taught including Yin, Ashtanga, Rocket, and Vinyassa Flow, and some of the classes also include meditation. There’s no need to wait for a retreat: you can turn up and take part in a yoga class whenever you want.

As well as yoga and surfing, Moka Surf House also offers other activities, which can be booked separately, like horse riding, massage, and stand-up paddle boarding.

Omassim Guesthouse

Omassim Guesthouse offers relaxing guesthouse accommodation near Ericeira. There is a large focus on surfing at the guesthouse, which is run by Progress Surf School, but yoga retreats take place throughout the year as well. Depending on when you visit, it’s also possible to take part in meditation classes, learn about ayurvedic medicine (massage), and learn to work with fire (Sweatlodge, Firewalking).

Central Portugal

The majority of retreats, yoga or otherwise, tend to take place in towns and cities near Portugal’s coast. Increasingly, however, more and more yoga studios and retreats are opening up in more rural parts of Portugal including the central region.


Justine from Sweetyoga offers summer yoga retreats at a villa in the central region of Portugal. The retreats take place in a typical countryside village near river beaches and mountains where you can expect to experience a non-touristy, down to earth, realistic way of old-fashioned living far away from modern life’s stresses.

The villa is spacious, all bedrooms are ensuite, and there is air con a pool and tennis court. Justine’s retreats focus on therapeutic rejuvenation and consist of two daily yoga sessions, healthy home-cooked meals, and plenty of time to relax and enjoy some down time, massages, country walks or bathing.

Yoga Evolution Retreats

Yoga Evolution Retreats is set in Castelo Branco in the rural Centre of Portugal. The retreats normally focus on ashtanga yoga, yin Yoga, yin and yang, pranayama, and meditation. There is also usually an in-depth bandha’s class.

yoga evolution retreats

The retreat is designed to be as relaxing as possible. In between yoga classes, you can explore the surrounding forest, laze by the saltwater pool, or kick back in one of the many pergolas and hammock dotted around the centre.

Want a great souvenir to remember your yoga vacation in Portugal? Treat yourself to a cork yoga mat. Cork is one of Portugal’s biggest exports. It’s completely natural, non-slippery, and they look great as well. 

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  1. Hi James, we run annual retreats at the glorious Monte Velho Eco Retreat Centre in Carrapateira, Combining yoga, meditation and the Peaceful Way martial art Washindo, we practice living healthy longer. We would love to feature here- we have a place in Tavira and spend as much time as we possibly can there.:-)
    Details of our retreat this July is here: https://www.peacefulwayretreats.com/one-week-retreat-info-page.
    Great resource, thank you!

  2. Concerning to Yoga retreats in Algarve there’s one beautiful and where several people go from different parts of the world to make sessions for a few days or more than a week there’s one you should considered.
    It’s Monte Mariposa.
    I’ve been there many times and it is wonderful to feel the peace and good vibes of the place. Take a note.
    Joao H.

    • Hi David,

      Are your retreats all in German? It’s a good option, but I imagine most of the people reading this blog post will only speak English.


    • Hi Tina,

      Is the retreat a one-off? I’m really only trying to list yoga retreats that happen regularly, but happy to approve your comment here if it’s just a one-off.


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