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10+ Podcasts For Portuguese Language Learners

Podcasts are a handy language learning tool to have your arsenal, particularly if you have some regular free time where you can listen to them such as during a commute to work. They can work well when used in addition to a Portuguese course, providing you with new vocabulary and repetition of things you may have already heard.

The following are some of the top podcasts for learning Portuguese. We’ll start with European Portuguese, because this blog is about Portugal, but we’ve also included some podcasts that focus on Brazilian Portuguese as well.

European Portuguese podcasts

Practice Portuguese – A Portuguese language podcast that focuses specifically on European Portuguese. The podcast is free to listen to but, if you want access to the transcripts and grammar resources, you will need to become a paying member. 

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Portuguese with Carla – A free Portuguese podcast with free transcripts and flashcards. You can start at lesson 1 and work your way up. Carla’s website also includes free audio quizzes where you can test your knowledge of Portuguese as you progress.

Portuguese Lab – Another Portuguese language podcast that’s worth listening to. There are lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Brazilian Portuguese podcasts

PortuguesePod101.com – More than just a podcast, PortuguesePod101 also offers games, written texts, wordbanks, and flashcards. The membership has a monthly cost, which can be as cheap as $4 per month, but you can sign up for a 7-day free trial first to see if you like it.

BrazilPod Línguadagente – A very upbeat and easy-to-listen-to podcast. The actual dialogue in each lesson is short, but it’s ideal if you want quick lessons for example if you’re studying on your lunchbreak.

Really Learn Portuguese Podcast – Short, easy lessons that focus on essential vocabulary for situations like going to the hospital and episodes where the hosts interview people living in Brazil. Access to the transcripts costs extra: $4.50 per month.

PortugueseLingQ – LingQ is a popular language learning tool that’s a bit like an advanced version of Google Translate: as well as translating a page for you, you can do things like save new words to a memory back for later. LingQ also have a few podcasts, like this Portuguese language podcast. Unfortunately, the podcast hasn’t been updated in a very long time but you can still access 20-30 episodes along with transcripts.

Todo Mundo Pod – A podcast that tends to cover a lot of grammar as well as vocabulary for specific situations like watching football, going to the airport, and renting a car in Brazil. This podcast is entirely in Portuguese, which makes a nice change. It does mean that if you’re a beginner, or even intermediate, you’ll need to pay for access to the transcripts. Membership costs $12 per month.

BrazilPodClass – No longer produces regular podcast content. For a fee ($300) you can pay to receive their back catalogue of 575 lessons. Alternatively, you can access most of the lessons on iTunes without the transcripts.

Mozambique Portuguese podcasts

We haven’t been able to find any podcasts that cover learning Mozambican Portuguese, but we will update this if we do. In the meantime, check out the European Portuguese podcasts – this is the closest to African Portuguese.

Have we missed a podcast? Let us know in the resources below. 

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