10+ Coworking Spaces in the Algarve

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Published: October 2019 & Last Updated: October 2022

Coworking and startups definitely aren’t the first thing that most people think of when they think of the Algarve. For most people, the Algarve is normally associated with beach holidays or a place for expats to retire. 

That’s all starting to change, though. Although the Algarve, with its 300+ days of sunshine, affordable accommodation, and reasonably low cost of living, has yet to realise it’s full potential as a tech hub, digital nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are slowly starting to move there.

There are now coworking spaces all over the Algarve, and new spaces are opening all the time. They’re no longer just in cities like Faro and Portimão, but in more remote places like Aljezur and Sagres.


Cowork Aljezur

  • Price(s): €12 for a day pass. Fixed desks available. 
  • Location: Aljezur, Portugal (map)
  • Website: Aljezur.life


Alandra Square

  • Price(s): from €8 per day and €70 per month.
  • Location: Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque Loja 17C Praça de Alandra, 8000-397, Portugal (map)
  • Website: https://www.alandrasquare.pt/

Faro Avenida Business Centre


Cowork Mucancas Loulé 

  • Price(s): 1 day = €15, 1 month from €150.
  • Location: Rua Eng. Duarte Pacheco nº100, 8100-571 S. Clemente, Loulé (map)
  • Website: http://mucancas.com/

The Green Building 

Golden Creative 

  • Price(s): €10 per day (+ IVA) or €120 per month
  • Location: Rua Homens do Andor Nº 94, R/C Frente, 8100-710 Loulé, Portugal (map)
  • Website: https://www.goldencreative.pt/


Giramar Apartments - coworking space

The Office – Lagos Coworkers

  • Price(s): €160 monthly, or 3 months for €385
  • Location: Rua Gil Eanes, 19(1), Lagos, 8600-742 (map)
  • Website:


  • Price(s): €150 per month.
  • Location: R. Afonso de Almeida 16, 8600-754 Lagos, Portugal (map)
  • Website: centro-lagos.com

Cowork @Mar d’Estórias

  • Price(s): Week: 60€ 1 Day: €15, 1 Week: €60, 1 month: €175, or a 10 visit pass for €100 (all prices include IVA)
  • Location: Mar d’Estórias, R. Silva Lopes 30, 8600-623 Lagos
  • Website: https://www.instagram.com/lagos.digitalnomads/

Giramar Apartments



  • Price(s): €15 per day, €90 for 10 days, or €150 per month
  • Location: R. da Porta de São João 17, 8500-604 Portimão Algarve, Portugal (map)
  • Website: cocreate.pt

Hub Ativo

  • Price(s): €15 per day, €60 per week, or €135 per month.
  • Location: R. Joaquim Agostinho Fernandes Lt 1 Cv 2, 8500-406 Portimão, Portugal (map)
  • Website: hubativo.com


The Bus Office (coming soon?)

São Brás de Alportel

Espaço de Coworking de São Brás de Alportel

  • Price(s): €10 per day or €30 weekly. Longer-term rates also available.
  • Location: Av. da Liberdade, 57B São Brás de Alportel, Portugal
  • Website:

Coworking in the rest of Portugal

If you’re heading to other parts of Portugal, be sure to read Portugalist’s other guides to coworking especially the list of coworking spaces in Lisbon and this list of coworking spaces in Porto.

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  1. Hello, I believe one that you should consider for your list is https://CoCreate.pt , a great coworking space in Portimao. It helped start the Nomad scene in Portimao two years ago which now ranks 3rd in Portugal according to Nomadist. The owner Jack is lovely and it's basically run for the creative community rather than with profit in mind.

  2. Moving to Portugal Made Simple is now available on Amazon
  3. Hub Ativo is okay. Not much atmosphere or other coworkers but fine for getting work done. I got 15.92 download and 9.12 upload.

    Just 3 tables which are in the corridor. The rest of the building is offices. It's about 10 minutes walk from Continente and Lidl and about 20-30 minutes from Praia da Rocha. There's not much around but blocks of apartments.

    There's a coffee vending machine and a coffee is €0.50. There are a few cafes around 5-10 minutes walk from the place.

    The strange thing about this coworking space is it closes for lunch (13.00-14.30). You can stay inside, but the receptionist has lunch and closes the front doors so you can't go in and out then. You just need to eat before or after if you want to go out. There's a small common room area where you can eat your lunch.

    Chairs are slightly uncomfortable, but not terrible. Fine for a few days.

    Overall okay. Not as good as some of the coworking spaces in Lagos but nice to have something like this in Portimao/Praia da Rocha.

    • Agreed. It's an o.k. coworking space but it feels like a bit of an afterthought rather than an actual coworking space. Like someone added some hotdesks to an office block.

      The benefit of a place that's a bit more sterile is that you get more work done.

      Other issues:
      It doesn't have windows.
      The break room doesn't really have cutlery or anything like that so it's hard to use it.