Where Surf Meets Work: Algarve’s Best 15 Coworking Spaces

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Coworking and startups definitely aren’t the first thing that most people think of when they think of the Algarve. For most people, the Algarve is normally associated with beach holidays or a place for expats to retire. 

That’s all starting to change, though. The Algarve is quickly becoming a digital nomad hub, particularly around Lagos. And with Portugal introducing a digital nomad visa, allowing remote workers and freelancers to move here, it’s likely that more than more people will choose the Algarve as their new home.

There are now coworking spaces all over the Algarve, and new spaces are opening all the time.


Albufeira Coworking

people working at Albufeira Coworking

Albufeira’s first co-working space, located in the charming old town at Rua do Ténis 13, offers a unique blend of historical charm and modern functionality. Spanning 100sqm, this open space is designed to cater to diverse working styles, featuring 15 long-term seatings and 6 hot desks, ideal for those needing a flexible workspace for shorter periods, either daily or weekly.

The amenities are thoughtfully curated to ensure productivity and convenience. High-speed Wi-Fi facilitates seamless e-meetings and streamings, while complimentary tea and coffee keep the creative juices flowing. A bookable meeting room accommodating up to 5 people, along with a printer, scanner, fridge, and microwave, add to the workspace’s practicality.

Community lies at the heart of this co-working space, with regular workshops, after-works, and other social events fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration designed to bring expats and locals together.

Armação de Pêra

Work Wise

workwise coworking space in Armação de Pêra

Nestled in the picturesque Algarve region, Armação de Pêra’s vibrant co-working space at Edificio Oceano, R. Álvaro Gomes, Loja RC Direito 8365-138, is a modern haven for digital nomads and remote workers.

This inspiring environment is thoughtfully designed to ignite creativity, encourage collaboration, and enhance productivity. Its fully-furnished interiors, complete with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and complimentary coffee and tea, cater to every need of the contemporary professional. An added perk for beach lovers is its proximity to the beach – a mere 10-minute walk away. For those seeking a touch of security for their belongings, lockers are available.


Alandra Square

In the heart of Faro, ALANDRA SQUARE Coworking offers a dynamic community hub, specifically designed for freelancers, startups, and small businesses. The space brims with amenities aimed at enhancing business efficiency, including a reception, air conditioning, and a well-equipped meeting room.

Security is also a priority, evidenced by the locked steel gate ensuring peace of mind. The inclusion of 24-hour access accommodates all work schedules, while weekly cleaning maintains a pristine and professional atmosphere. The lounge area adds a touch of comfort, creating a relaxed space for informal meetings or a well-deserved break.

  • Price(s): from €8 per day and €70 per month.
  • Location: Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque Loja 17C Praça de Alandra, 8000-397, Portugal (map)
  • Website: https://www.alandrasquare.pt/

Faro Avenida Business Centre

Faro Avenida’s coworking space is aimed at a diverse range of professionals, including small, local businesses, startups, freelancers, teleworkers, and even executives from larger corporations.

Each workspace is bathed in natural light, enhancing the work atmosphere, and comes fully equipped with internet and a dedicated telephone line. The amenities include standard desks, high-speed Wi-Fi, a comfortable lounge area, a dining area for breaks, and private booths for focused work or confidential conversations. For those needing secure storage, lockers are available at an affordable daily rate. The office is suitable for those with reduced mobility.


Cowork Mucancas Loulé 

  • Price(s): 1 day = €15, 1 month from €150.
  • Location: Rua Eng. Duarte Pacheco nº100, 8100-571 S. Clemente, Loulé (map)
  • Website: http://mucancas.com/

Cowork Mucancas Loulé, located in the heart of Loulé, is a popular coworking space for professionals in the region. This space stands out with its brand-new, pristine facilities, reflecting a commitment to providing a clean and contemporary working environment.

Every membership comes with essential utilities such as high-speed internet, telephone, electricity, water, and a reception service, ensuring a hassle-free work experience for all members.

The coworking space is versatile, accommodating a range of professional needs. It features a state-of-the-art video and photography studio, perfect for creative professionals who require high-quality production facilities. For businesses and individuals who need a prestigious address without the need for physical office space, the virtual office service is an ideal solution.

The Green Building 

  • Price(s): €15 per day or €160 per month
  • Location: Av. José da Costa Mealha, Nº 15 + 17, 8100-500 Loulé, Portugal (map)
  • Website: http://the-green-building.com/

Centrally located in Loulé, The Green Building is an epitome of contemporary design meeting tradition. The building houses 13 interior-designed private offices, each infused with heritage charm and modern ingenuity, providing an ideal setting for businesses to thrive. A stylish meeting room is available, perfect for hosting meetings in an environment that’s both professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Accessibility is key, with 24/7 access allowing tenants to work according to their own schedules, all year round. The high-speed Wi-Fi ensures connectivity at all times, supporting seamless digital workflows and online collaborations. Comfort is not overlooked, as the building is equipped with smart environment control systems for full air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant working atmosphere.

The Green Building also boasts modern facilities that enhance the work experience. This includes various relaxation spaces for downtime, a well-equipped kitchenette with complimentary coffee, and water dispensers on every floor. Cleaning services are provided on weekdays, excluding bank holidays, maintaining a clean and professional environment.

For those who require a virtual presence, the building offers virtual office services, including domicile assistance and mail receiving.

Golden Creative 

  • Price(s): €10 per day (+ IVA) or €120 per month
  • Location: Rua Homens do Andor Nº 94, R/C Frente, 8100-710 Loulé, Portugal (map)
  • Website: https://www.goldencreative.pt/

The Golden Creative is designed for a diverse community of talented professionals. From digital marketers to fashion advisers, programmers, and more, this space offers a vibrant and collaborative environment for individuals across various industries.

This coworking space is well-equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to ensure a seamless work experience. High-speed fiber optic internet is available throughout the space, providing reliable and fast connectivity essential for today’s digital demands. The well-equipped kitchen, complete with a coffee machine and eating area, offers a comfortable space for breaks and informal networking.

Security and convenience are prioritized at The Golden Creative. The space is monitored with video surveillance, ensuring a safe and secure working environment. Additionally, a Wi-Fi printer is available for all printing needs, adding to the convenience of the space.

For those driving to the workspace, free parking is a significant advantage, removing the hassle of finding and paying for parking in the city. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who commute from outside the city or need to use their vehicle during the day.


Giramar Apartments - coworking space

The Office – Lagos Coworkers

Located in the heart of Lagos’s old town, the workspace is perfectly positioned. It’s just steps away from a variety of cafes and shops, adding convenience and a touch of local culture to your workday. Additionally, it’s less than a five-minute walk from both parking facilities and picturesque beaches, blending work with the leisurely allure of Lagos.

The space is open 24/7 for members, catering to various work schedules and lifestyles. Whether you need a workspace for a day, a week, or a month, there are options to suit your needs. Moreover, flexible usage and part-time plans are available, offering a tailored approach to coworking.

The services offered are designed to ensure a comfortable and efficient work experience. High-speed, reliable Wi-Fi is a given, keeping you connected at all times. Complimentary tea and coffee are available, providing a much-needed boost throughout the day. One of the unique features of this coworking space is its onsite wellness centre, which offers services like massage and acupuncture, promoting a healthy work-life balance.


  • Price(s): €150 per month.
  • Location: R. Afonso de Almeida 16, 8600-754 Lagos, Portugal (map)
  • Website: centro-lagos.com

“Centro” offers a range of amenities and services, ensuring a seamless and productive working environment.

Each workspace is thoughtfully furnished with a desk, chair, and storage, creating a personal and organised work area for each member. A shared mailbox service adds to the professional amenities, while a laptop-sized safe provides security for personal electronics and sensitive documents.

Convenience is further enhanced by the inclusion of a fridge and microwave oven, allowing members to store and prepare meals, reducing the need to leave the office for lunch. The addition of a kettle and coffee machine is a thoughtful touch, providing members with the comfort of hot beverages throughout the day.

To maintain a clean and inviting workspace, cleaning services are also provided at Centro. This ensures that the environment remains conducive to productivity and is always ready to welcome members and their clients.

Giramar Apartments

The coworking space at Giramar Apartments is designed to inspire. Overlooking the pool and gardens, it provides a serene and picturesque environment, perfect for fostering creativity and productivity while working remotely.

Open all year round, Giramar Apartments’ coworking space caters to a variety of needs and preferences. For those interested in a more integrated living and working experience, Giramar Apartments also provides a Coliving option. This concept combines the comfort of a home with the functionality of a workspace, ideal for digital nomads, remote workers, or anyone seeking a harmonious balance between work and life in a beautiful setting.


Pomar Coworking

Desks at Pomar Coworking
  • Price(s): €15 per day, €70 for 5 days, or €250 per month
  • Location: Travessa do Comércio 8, 8700-412 Olhão, Algarve, Portugal
  • Website: pomar-coworking.com

POMAR coworking is a vibrant and innovative space situated in the heart of Olhão. Just a 2-minute walk separates the workspace from the iconic fish market, the ferry pier leading to the stunning Ria Formosa islands, and a range of great restaurants and bars that line the streets of this lively town.

The space is outfitted with large desks, ergonomic chairs, and 24″ screens, providing a comfortable and efficient environment for both long hours of focused work and creative brainstorming sessions. Additional amenities such as a printer and a dedicated call box cater to the practical needs of its users, ensuring seamless operations for businesses and freelancers alike.

The cherry on top is the offering of free coffee and tea alongside a selection of fresh daily pastries, creating a welcoming and nourishing atmosphere that fosters community and collaboration.



  • Price(s): €15 per day, €90 for 10 days, or €150 per month
  • Location: R. da Porta de São João 17, 8500-604 Portimão Algarve, Portugal (map)
  • Website: cocreate.pt

Cocreate stands out as a vibrant and dynamic coworking community in Old Town Portimão, offering a unique working environment tailored to like-minded individuals who thrive on connection, collaboration, and creativity.

The space is equipped with high-speed internet (500Mbps download and 200Mbps upload), ensuring seamless connectivity for all digital tasks. Each member is allocated 120cm of desk space paired with comfortable chairs, creating a conducive work environment. For private calls or video conferences, there is a phone booth which offers a secluded spot ensuring privacy and minimal distractions.

The hot desk membership at Cocreate is perfect for those who require a flexible workspace without the need for dedicated resources. This shared workspace allows members to immerse themselves in a collaborative atmosphere alongside other professionals. Members have the convenience of booking their space up to three months in advance, ensuring they have a spot when they need it.

Hub Ativo

  • Price(s): €15 per day, €60 per week, or €135 per month.
  • Location: R. Joaquim Agostinho Fernandes Lt 1 Cv 2, 8500-406 Portimão, Portugal (map)
  • Website: hubativo.com


Off The Hook

“Off the Hook” in Sagres is primarily a coliving space, but they do offer coworking passes if they have availability. For this reason, it’s a good idea to contact them in advance.

The facility includes a renovated villa with shared and private rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms and a working desk. It features a separate office building, lightning-fast internet, and ergonomic desks and chairs. Amenities include a communal kitchen, dining area, rooftop terrace, and optional services like laundry.

With its close proximity to beaches and town centre, it’s perfect for combining work with leisure activities like surfing.

São Brás de Alportel

Espaço de Coworking de São Brás de Alportel

Coworking São Brás Alportel is focused on supporting young entrepreneurs in their business ventures and project development. It offers a shared workspace with 5 individual workstations, a meeting room, and access to other municipal spaces. Key features include climate control, fibre internet, administrative support, fiscal headquarters, mail reception, projection equipment, a small archive space, a kitchenette, and accessible WC.

The space also provides promotional services and preferential access to municipal business support services. Pricing options include a permanent contract (with the first month free and subsequent months at varying rates) and flexible usage rates for weekly, daily, or part-time use, as well as meeting room hire.

Coworking in the rest of Portugal

If you’re heading to other parts of Portugal, be sure to read Portugalist’s other guides to coworking especially the list of coworking spaces in Lisbon and this list of coworking spaces in Porto.

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  1. Have you checked out the new cowork in Armação de Pêra? It is Work Wise – here to grant you productive and pleasant days adjusting your schedule at your convenience (24/7 access).

  2. Hello, I believe one that you should consider for your list is https://CoCreate.pt , a great coworking space in Portimao. It helped start the Nomad scene in Portimao two years ago which now ranks 3rd in Portugal according to Nomadist. The owner Jack is lovely and it’s basically run for the creative community rather than with profit in mind.

  3. Hub Ativo is okay. Not much atmosphere or other coworkers but fine for getting work done. I got 15.92 download and 9.12 upload.

    Just 3 tables which are in the corridor. The rest of the building is offices. It’s about 10 minutes walk from Continente and Lidl and about 20-30 minutes from Praia da Rocha. There’s not much around but blocks of apartments.

    There’s a coffee vending machine and a coffee is €0.50. There are a few cafes around 5-10 minutes walk from the place.

    The strange thing about this coworking space is it closes for lunch (13.00-14.30). You can stay inside, but the receptionist has lunch and closes the front doors so you can’t go in and out then. You just need to eat before or after if you want to go out. There’s a small common room area where you can eat your lunch.

    Chairs are slightly uncomfortable, but not terrible. Fine for a few days.

    Overall okay. Not as good as some of the coworking spaces in Lagos but nice to have something like this in Portimao/Praia da Rocha.


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