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Written by: | Last updated on December 27, 2023 | Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes is one of several companies that help prospective expats with some of the administrative side of moving to Portugal, namely obtaining a NIF number, and Portuguese bank account.

Other similar companies include Bordr, Novomove, E-Residence, and Many of these companies offer similar services, however, one area in which Anchorless excels is through the 25% discount it offers to Portugalist readers (simply use the code PORTUGALIST25).

Another selling point is the fact that Anchorless is available in multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese) and support is available by webchat or email during the hours of 9 am to 10 pm.

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Currently, Anchorless offers the following services:

NIF Number€74.25*3 Working Days
Portuguese Bank Account€269.25*3-4 Weeks
* Requires discount code PORTUGALIST25
  • NIF Number: Anchorless offer a service for obtaining a Portuguese NIF number. With the discount code, this works out cheaper than most other services. Normally, they offer 6 months of representation but Portugalist readers that click the link above and use the discount code will automatically get 12 months of fiscal representation.
  • Portuguese Bank Account: Anchorless can open a Portuguese bank account with Novobanco. The waiting time is around 3-4 weeks, which is similar to most other companies.


On an initial glance, Anchorless is slightly more expensive than similar services. However, thanks to the generous 25% discount code offers to Portugalist readers, this service actually works out cheaper than many of the others. For this reason, it’s absolutely worth considering this company, particularly for more expensive services like the Portuguese bank account and especially the combined NIF and bank account package.


Currently, Anchorless is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Customer Support

Support is available via webchat or email. Live support is available on weekdays via email and chat from 9am to 10pm

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James Cave is the founder of Portugalist and the author of the bestselling book, Moving to Portugal Made Simple. He has visited just about every part of Portugal, including Madeira and all nine islands of the Azores, and lived in several parts of Portugal including Lisbon, the Algarve, and Northern Portugal.

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  1. Hi!

    Just looking at using Anchorless. It says that they include 6 months of fiscal representative support with the fee.

    My question is – after 6 months does that support simply stop. OR is it automatically renewed (at 150 euros a year) and I have to opt out to avoid further charges?

    Thank you

    • Hi Caroline,

      Anchorless have kindly offered Portugalist readers 12 months representation rather than the standard 6 they list on their website. Simply click the link in the article (and use the code PORTUGALIST25 to reduce the cost).

      After 12 months, this would renew. However, you can cancel your subscription if you move to Portugal or no longer need fiscal representation.


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