10+ Funny Mistakes To Avoid When Speaking Portuguese

A large and ongoing part of learning another language is making mistakes. It’s just a fact of life. Every now and then, though, you make a funny mistake and, although it can be embarrassing at the time, it does make a good story later on. To show you that everyone makes mistakes, and to highlight … Read more

Learning European Portuguese in 6 Months: An Interview With Mia Esmeriz

Mia Esmeriz on the beach

Mia Esmeriz has been teaching European Portuguese online through her website and YouTube channel since 2017. A native Portuguese speaker, she shares some of the resources she recommends to her students as well as her tips for learning Portuguese in as little as 6 months. Mia is the author of several courses which cover European … Read more

Portugal’s Startup Visa

The startup visa is aimed at tech entrepreneurs who want to launch a tech-based startup in Portugal or open a branch of an existing startup here.  Over the past few years, Portugal has become an increasingly more interesting place for startup entrepreneurs due to its low to medium cost of living, it’s good weather and … Read more

Does Portugal Allow Dual Citizenship?

Question Mark concept with hand on blue background

Yes! If you become a Portuguese citizen – something you can do after living in Portugal for just 5 years – you will not be asked to give up your other passport. Well, the Portuguese government won’t ask you to anyway. The possibility of dual citizenship, combined with the speed at which you’re eligible, has … Read more

Opening a Portuguese Bank Account Online or Remotely

Woman working on laptop and phone while drinking coffee

Increasingly, more and more consulates are asking people moving to Portugal to have a Portuguese bank account before they move to Portugal in order to get their visa approved. If you’re applying for a Portuguese residency visa (such as the D7) this may be something that you come up against.  Unfortunately, it has to be … Read more

NHR Portugal – A Guide to Portugal’s Non-Habitual Tax Regime

woman paying bills

NHR, Portugal’s non-habitual residency tax regime, is something that has gained a lot of international excitement and attention. But, as anyone who has tried delving into the scheme will know, it can quickly become a confusing topic.  It doesn’t help that NHR status is quite a broad tax incentive but one that has different implications … Read more

Residency Visas For Living in Portugal

There are lots of reasons to live in Portugal – the weather, food, and the culture, for example – but another good reason is the residency visas. For an ever-increasing number of people, Portugal’s visas are some of the most attainable residency visas in the EU.  This is true for those that want to invest … Read more

How to Move to Portugal from the USA

Over the past few years, more and more Americans have been moving to Portugal.  You may not have considered moving to Portugal before. In fact, you may not have even heard of Portugal. Situated on the West Coast of Spain, Portugal is a country that has gone under the radar for a number of years. … Read more

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