The Best Co-Working Spaces in Porto

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Porto, Portugal’s charming coastal city, is growing as a hotspot for digital nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs seeking a vibrant and culturally rich environment to work and live.

As the trend of remote work continues to gain momentum globally, coworking spaces in Porto have flourished, offering a blend of modern amenities, collaborative environments, and a touch of the city’s historic charm. These spaces provide an ideal alternative for those tired of the isolation of working from home or the occasional distractions of a bustling coffee shop.

The rise of Porto coworking spaces reflects the city’s adaptability and its appeal to the new-age workforce. From dedicated coworking cafes designed for the caffeine-loving professional to expansive spaces that foster innovation and collaboration, Porto has something for every kind of remote worker. Whether you’re a solo freelancer looking for a change of scenery or an entrepreneur aiming to network and grow, you’ll find the perfect place for you on this list.

Croissant are offering €15 off your first months’ membership, which allows you to work from a or several different co-working spaces. Croissant work with coworking spaces all over Porto, including Porto i/o and Facts coworking.

Portugal now also offers a digital nomad visa aimed at remote workers and freelancers. So if you enjoy working from one of these coworking spaces, consider making a more permanent move to Portugal.

Porto i/o

Address: R. de Cândido dos Reis 81, 4050-152 Porto (Website)
Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm, Mon-Fri (24/7 with a monthly membership)
Price: €12.50 per day, €130 per month
Trial available?

Porto i/o is one of the best-known and most popular co-working spaces in Porto. Offering daily, weekly, and monthly rates, it’s perfect for long-term Porto residents or digital nomads that are only coming to Porto for a week or two.

Pay for monthly access and you get 24/7 access to the building, which is good as the normal office hours are a little short for most workaholics.

Amenities include showers, a community library, events, and use of the shared kitchen. There’s also a meeting room, which can be booked on an hourly basis, and you get access to the printer as well.

As well as the main Porto i/o location (downtown), Porto i/o runs several other locations: Porto i/o Riverside near the Igreja Paroquial de São Nicolau and Porto i/o Seaside in Matosinhos.

When you sign up, you choose your main co-working space. You’ll primarily work from this one but, depending on availability, you can also work from the others as well.

Typographia Cowork

desks at typographia porto
Typographia Cowork Porto © Inês Guedes Photography

Typographia Cowork stands as a beacon for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. This coworking space, housed within a beautifully restored century-old building, effortlessly marries the charm of Porto’s architectural heritage with the demands of modern professionals. Its prime location offers not only convenience but also panoramic views of the city’s iconic cathedral from its cozy lounge area. The space’s design, characterized by large open areas and a multifunctional modular approach, ensures a perfect blend of tranquility and dynamism, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer working in a relaxed yet stimulating environment.

Beyond its 18 fully-equipped fixed workstations, Typographia Cowork boasts a range of amenities tailored to enhance the working experience. Members can collaborate in spacious meeting rooms, take a break in the outdoor patio, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the communal kitchen. The space’s commitment to fostering a vibrant community is evident in its lively gatherings of entrepreneurs and professionals, all of whom benefit from high-speed internet, private lockers, and dedicated support services. With its blend of historical charm, modern facilities, and a thriving community, Typographia Cowork emerges as a premier choice for digital nomads and businesses in Porto.

As well as desks, there’s a comfortable lounge area where you can relax and look out at the fantastic views of Porto, as well as a shared kitchen and a sun terrace.

Address: R. Campo dos Mártires da Pátria 144-A, 4050-368 Porto, Portugal (Website)
Opening hours: 9 am – 8 pm, Monday – Friday.
Price: From €70 per month. 
Trial available: 

(P.S. When looking for this place on Google Maps, don’t get it confused with Typographia – a clothing and concept store with a very similar name.)

Porto Soul

Address: Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira 222-226, Porto, 4050-417 Porto, Portugal (Website)
Opening hours: 8 am – 7:30 pm Mon – Fri, 9 am – 7:30 pm Sat & Sun
Price: €10 per day or €100 per month. 
Trial available?

Offering stylish facilities, 400 mbs internet access, and a location that’s just 200 metres from São Bento Railway Station, Porto Soul is doing its best to become Porto’s best co-working space.

As well as a place to work from, the benefits of working at Porto Soul include private cloud storage, 1000 black and white prints or copies per month, a telephone number, and a small meeting room.

Porto i/o Riverside

Address: Rua do Infante D. Henrique 73, 4050-492 Porto, Portugal (Website)
Opening hours: 10 am – 6 pm, Mon-Fri (24/7 with a monthly membership)
Price: €12.50 per day, €130 per month
Trial available?

Porto i/o’s second location, Porto i/o Riverside, is much smaller than its main location, but it does offer some fantastic views of the Douro River and the Dom Luís I Bridge.

Facilities at the penthouse office include a meeting room, kitchenette, and daily essentials like water, coffee, and fruit.

Facts Coworking

Address: 185, R. de 5 de Outubro, 4100-175 Porto (Website)
Opening hours: 9 am – 10 pm, Monday – Friday
Price: €12 per day, €85 per month (discounted 3+ month passes also available)
Trial available: 

Facts Coworking is situated near Casa da Música, which is a little further away from Porto’s city centre than most of the other co-working spots. That could be a bonus for some people though, and central Porto is easily accessible on foot or by public transport. There’s also plenty of parking nearby as well as bike storage, along with shops, pharmacies, and other essential amenities.

Facts has a slightly more corporate or office-y feel to it, partly down to its furniture, but the vibe is friendly and very welcoming. Facilities include showers, a ping pong table, a lounge, a kitchen, and a meeting room.

Cru Co-work

Address: Rua do Rosário 211, 4050-524 Porto, Portugal
Opening hours: 9:30 am – 8:30 pm for most options, more expensive options can come in on Saturdays from 10:00 to 8:00 pm
Price: €50-55 per month
Trial available?

CRU is a unique co-working location: it’s half shop and half co-working space. It’s situated just a little bit away from the city centre on Porto’s Art Street, Rua Miguel Bombarda.

CRU co-work is one of the most affordable co-working options in Porto, which monthly desk prices starting at just €55 per month for shared table usage.


Address: Estrada da Circunvalação 9543 4250-148 Porto Portugal
Opening hours: 9 am – 7 pm, Monday – Friday
Price: €15 per day, €100 per month
Trial available?

NOW_PORTO (No Office Work) is an extremely spacious co-working and very ideological co-working space (they even have a manifesto) that’s situated on the far outskirts of Porto: it takes roughly 40 minutes to get from Central Porto to their offices.

Facilities and amenities include free coffee and tea, lockers, an on-site café, and free on-site parking.


Address: Rua D. João IV 643 4000 – 303, Porto (Website)
Opening hours: 24 hours per day
Price: €10 per day, €80 per month
Trial available: 

Opo’lab, which is short for Oporto Laboratory of Architecture & Design, is perfect for those that are more design, craft, engineering, and architecture focused.

Man working at Opolab in Porto
Opolab in Porto

While it is a co-working space, it is primarily known for its “fab lab” or design studio where you can rent 3d printers, handcraft machines, sandblasting machines, lathes, and 2D or 3D CNC machines.

Daily, weekly, and monthly co-working passes are available.


Address: Rua de Costa Cabral 2075, 4200-217 Porto, Portugal (Website)
Opening hours: 9 am – 6 pm for flexible use, 24 hr access for long-term use
Price: €8 per day, €120 per month
Trial available?

One of Porto’s smallest co-working spaces, offers a comfortable location to work from as well as access to services like meeting rooms, telephone answering, printing, and secretarial work.

This co-working space is quite far from Central Porto and its out of town location near the Lusíada University of Porto means it won’t be suitable for everyone.


Address: Rua Dr. Ferreira Macedo, 42. Vila Nova de Gaia (Website)
Opening hours: 24/7
Price: €140-195 monthly
Trial available?

Situated in Gaia, which is too far from Central Porto for most short-term visitors, OfficeLab offers a bright and modern open space for co-working. Facilities include a kitchen, lounge, and shared library as well as meeting rooms and printers.

Officelab is ideal for freelancers, startups, and small companies in Porto, and their pricing plans are much more suited to those that plan to work from there on a long-term basis.

Co-working spots in Mastinhos

If you’d prefer to be near the beach, either to surf or just to work on your tan, consider one of the co-working spaces in Mastinhos. Situated just 8 km from Porto, Mastinhos is easily accessible by bus and by metro.

It has two great beaches, Praia de Matosinhos and Praia de Leça da Palmeira, that are easily accessible as well as a few that are located a little further down the coast. As well as surfing, it’s also a great destination for walking and you’ll find several coastal walking trails in the area.

Mastinhos is also great for seafood, both in terms of its restaurants and also the market here. The market is open every day except Sunday, so be sure to take the time to visit it.

Lexo Coworking

Address: 279 Rua Roberto Ivens, Matosinhos, Porto (Website)
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 9:30 am – 7:30 pm
Price: From €115 per month (long term)
Trial available?

Lexo Coworking is a beautifully-designed co-working space that’s dog-friendly and has essential facilities like a kitchen, lounge, and access to a printer and scanner as well as free tea and coffee. Like the other spaces in Matosinhos, Lexo is easily accessible from Porto’s city centre by bus or metro.

Porto i/o Seaside

  • Address: Rua de Brito Capelo 1127, 4450-208 Matosinhos, Porto (Website)
  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Price: €12.50 per day, €130 per month
  • Trial available?

Situated just 1-minute from the beach, Porto Seaside is a bright and spacious co-working spot with plenty of great facilities like a Skype room, kitchen, lounge area, and free on-site parking. It’s ideal for those that love being by the sea, but still need to be able to run their businesses.


Address: 603 Rua Brito e Cunha, Porto, Portugal (Website)
Opening hours: 24 hours per day, except for day passes which are 9 am – 6 pm
Price: €10 per day, from €100 per month
Trial available?

JavaCowork is a bright, friendly co-working space that has some great facilities including a gym. The gym is small but well-equipped with treadmills and weights machines. It also has showers for washing up after your workout. The co-working and gym combo package starts from €150 per month.

Other facilities include lockers, a kitchen, a podcasting room, Skype room, and sound and video recording equipment.

Have you tried co-working in Porto? Did you visit any of the co-working spaces above or did you work from a café? Share you tips and reviews by leaving a comment below. 

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