Bordr: NIFs, Bank Accounts, & Other Essentials for Moving to Portugal

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Bordr is a new startup that aims to make Portuguese bureaucracy easier for foreigners who want to move to Portugal. The website was started by Richard and Kathleen, a husband and wife duo who themselves had gone through the challenges of getting a visa (the D7) and moving to Portugal. Having felt that there was room for improvement in this space, they launched Bordr.

Since Bordr’s launch a number of similar companies have started up, however, Bordr continue to draw a loyal following due to their transparency and focus on customer service.

Note: Bordr have offered Portugalist readers a €10 discount when applying for a NIF or bank account through their site. Simply use this link (discount applied automatically).


Currently, Bordr offers the following services:

NIF Number$1405-7 Business Days
Portuguese Bank Account*$3403-4 Weeks
Portuguese Birth Certificate€1003 Days
*Note: there are restrictions on which nationalities can open a Portuguese bank account remotely, which aren’t set by Bordr but apply. More information can be found here.


Generally speaking, Bordr’s costs work out more expensive than other similar companies. However, there is an element of you get what you pay for, and by paying a little more for Bordr’s services, you tend to get much better communication throughout the whole process. This is evidenced by their positive reviews on TrustPilot.

Bordr is also partner with the bank Millennium bcp, whereas most other companies work with NovoBanco. Millennium bcp tends to be extremely well-rated among expats and also has branches in the Azores, which could be important if you’re thinking about moving there.

ServiceCostCheapest Competitor
NIF Number$140€80 (
Portuguese Bank Account$340€269.25 (*)
Portuguese Birth Certificate€100
* Anchorless services require you to use the discount code PORTUGALIST25 to get 25% off.


Currently, is available in English and Portuguese.

Customer Support

Support is available via webchat or email. According to their website, they are available on all weekdays (Monday – Friday) and never let any email go unanswered.

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