Portuguese Citizenship: 8 Ways You Could Get A Portuguese Passport

A hand holds a Portuguese passport against a white background. The passport is burgundy with gold text and emblem, reading "União Europeia Portugal Passaporte." Gold decorative elements are visible on the cover.

Portuguese citizenship comes with numerous benefits. These benefits include the right to live in Portugal, to work in Portugal, and to study in Portugal. But because the Portuguese passport is an “EU passport” holding a Portuguese passport gives you the right to live, work, and travel within the EU as well. Henley & Partners ranks … Read more

You Can Now Apply for Portuguese Citizenship Sooner

Close-up of a Portuguese passport with the text "União Europeia Portugal Passaporte" on the cover. The passport is partially covering a colorful map of the world in the background.

The Portuguese Parliament recently made some updates to the Nationality Law in Portugal, which will speed up the amount of time before you’re able to apply for citizenship. One key change is about how the five-year period needed for applying for citizenship is calculated. Before this change, the clock would only start ticking from the … Read more

Can I obtain Portuguese Citizenship if I was Born in Portugal?

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If you were born in Portugal, you might have a golden opportunity to become a Portuguese citizen, which can be a game-changer especially if you’re holding a passport from outside the European Union, like the USA. This opens up doors not just to live in Portugal, but also in other EU countries, as well as … Read more

Obtaining Portuguese Citizenship Through Parents or Grandparents

An elderly Portuguese man and woman smile while standing on a narrow street lined with buildings. The woman wears a green headscarf, glasses, and a black cardigan over a white blouse. The man wears a brown cap, glasses, and a green striped polo shirt, with his arm around her shoulders.

If you have a Portuguese parent or even a grandparent, you’re in luck: you may be eligible for Portuguese citizenship. Great-grandparents are, unfortunately, a generation too far back, although some passport seekers get around this by getting a relative in between (a parent or grandparent) to obtain citizenship first. Grandparents are also a challenge for … Read more

The A2 Language Test (CIPLE) for Portuguese Citizenship

The Portuguese passport is becoming increasingly popular, not least because having it gives you the right to move to any EU country (including Portugal, of course). Many people have a claim to a Portuguese passport — for example, by having a Portuguese grandparent or having lived in Portugal for more than five years — and … Read more

How to get Portuguese Citizenship By Living Here (Naturalisation)

Close-up of a Portuguese passport with a burgundy cover. The text "UNIÃO EUROPEIA PORTUGAL PASSAPORTE" is embossed in gold, along with the Portuguese coat of arms.

Some people have a claim to a Portuguese passport: if you have a Portuguese parent or grandparent, for example.  Others, however, can obtain Portuguese citizenship by living here for five years (previously it was six years). This process is known as naturalisation.  The Portuguese passport is ranked as one of the top passports in the … Read more

Does Portugal Allow Dual Citizenship?

Yes! If you become a Portuguese citizen – something you can do after living in Portugal for just 5 years – you will not be asked to give up your other passport. Well, the Portuguese government won’t ask you to anyway. The possibility of dual citizenship, combined with the speed at which you’re eligible, has … Read more

Is DNA Evidence Enough to Apply for Portuguese Citizenship?

I have taken a DNA test and it shows I am a certain percentage Portuguese. Can I apply for Portuguese citizenship? Thanks to companies like Ancestry.com and 23.com, DNA tests have become incredibly popular. These allow you to trace your ancestry through your DNA and to see from which parts of the world your genetic … Read more

Will My Children Have Portuguese Citizenship If They’re Born in Portugal?

If you’re moving to Portugal and thinking about having children, you may be wondering whether they’ll be able to obtain Portuguese citizenship. After all, having Portuguese citizenship will offer that child a number of benefits and opportunities, including the right to live and work in Portugal or anywhere else in the EU. They’ll also have … Read more