What’s The Cheapest Way to Get a Portuguese NIF?

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James Cave / Last Updated: February 2, 2023 / Posted in: Visas & Residency

If you’ve found out that you need a Portuguese NIF number, something you’ll need if you’re moving to Portugal or buying property here, you’re probably wondering: what’s the cheapest service for getting a NIF?

If you’re resident in a non-EU/EEA country (like the USA or UK, for example) you’ll typically need to use a company or law firm to obtain your NIF number on your behalf. A quick Google shows lots of different companies and law firms, and some have prices and some don’t, which makes it difficult to compare. Prices do not include VAT and this varies depending on where you’re applying from. 

The cheapest company that came up on the first few pages of Google was NIFPortugal.pt, which charges €80 to obtain a Portuguese NIF number and the service takes around 14 days. 

There are a number of companies that charge €89 including E-Residence.com, NIFPortugal.com, and Lisbob. Of course, there is an element of getting what you pay for and some of the cheaper companies seemed to be slightly slower. This might not matter if you don’t need your NIF straight away, but could matter if you’re currently filling out a visa application, for example.

NIFPortugal.pt€8014 Days
E-Residence.com€8910 Days
NIFPortugal.com€893-5 Business Days
Lisbob€893 Days
NIFOnline.pt€99No timeframe given
Bordr.io$140 (around €133)1 Week
GetNIFPortugal.com€3502-3 Weeks

Of course, non-EU/EEA resident don’t need to use a law firm of company to get their NIFs. They need a fiscal representative, but this could be a family member or friend who’s resident in Portugal.

According to Kathleen Lo, co-founder of Bordr.io: “All non-EU residents need a fiscal representative to apply for a NIF on their behalf. Your fiscal representative does not necessarily need to be a lawyer, but they do need to be a Portuguese tax resident and a Portuguese permanent resident or citizen. If you have a trusted friend or know someone in Portugal who is willing to take on the responsibility, they can absolutely be your fiscal representative.”[1]https://www.portugalist.com/bordr-nif-questions/

Most people moving to Portugal or buying a second home here don’t know anyone they could ask to be their fiscal representative and so typically have to use a lawyer or company instead.

Want to know more about Portugal’s fiscal number? Check our our in-depth guide to the NIF with tips on how to get one.


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