E-Residence.com: Reviews – NIFs, Bank Accounts, and Much, Much More

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E-Residence.com (not to be confused with the Estonian E-Residence program known as ‘e-Residency’) is an online company that focuses on making bureaucracy easier for foreigners moving to Portugal and Spain. They are aimed at residency visa applicants that want to do their application themselves rather than use a Portuguese immigration lawyer.

The company offers a number of services such as opening Portuguese bank accounts or obtaining NIF numbers, both of which are often needed in order to obtain a residency visa before moving to Portugal.

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Currently, E-Residence.com offers the following services:

  • NIF Number
  • Portuguese Bank Account
  • NISS Number
  • Annual Fiscal Representation
  • Portuguese Birth Certificate
  • EU Company Formation
  • Portuguese Apostille Services
  • Portuguese criminal records check

*Note: While E-Residence.com works with clients from all over the world, they are unable to open bank accounts for clients from some countries.

Spanish Services

  • NIE Number


E-Residence are very competitively priced, especially when compared to a traditional Portuguese lawyers. They also offer an excellent turnaround. Their NIF service, for example, allows you to obtain a Portuguese NIF number in 1-5 days for just €89. In comparison, other services can cost as must as €300-500 and take as long as 4 weeks or more.


E-Residence has overwhelmingly positive reviews on TrustPilot. Most people reported getting their NIFs within just a few days, typically around 3. Where there are negative reviews, the team at E-Residence.com have replied, and you can read those replies on TrustPilot. Many of the negative reviews seem to be for situations that are outside of E-Residence’s control, but they have offered support and refunds wherever possible.

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