Groupon-Style Deals Websites in Portugal

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Although the quality of deals on websites like Groupon are sometimes questionable, they can be a great place to find restaurant deals, cheap haircuts, gift ideas, and inspiration for things to do.

As of 2016, Groupon Portugal no longer exists. Unfortunately, the owners of Groupon made the decision to shut down Groupon in Portugal along with Switzerland, Austria, the Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, and several Nordic countries.

But even though Groupon Portugal has gone, there are several international and Portuguese alternatives out there.


Very similar to Groupon, Odisseias is great for hotel deals, classes, and beauty treatments. You can also buy gifts like experience days, spa days, or a night in a hotel.


Just like Odisseias, Mygon is very similar to what Groupon Portugal was like. As well as hotel, restaurant, and spa deals, you can also buy sessions at gyms and yoga classes, which could be useful if you’re moving to somewhere like Lisbon or Porto.

Another group-buying website, seems to be a little more focused on discounted products rather than restaurant and hotel deals.

The Fork

The Fork is a restaurant booking website that you can use to book restaurants in Portugal. Many of the restaurants post deals on there as well. Sometimes it’s a percentage off your bill, or sometimes it’s a special fixed menu. and

If you use Groupon to find travel and hotel deals, you can still find a few Portugal-specific deals on and

At the time of writing, we managed to find two travel deals on Groupon: one on and one on

The first was a 7-day surfing holiday in Ericeira (with accommodation) for £159. The second was an  8-Day vacation in the Azores, which included flights and accommodation. We were also able to find hotel deals in both Lisbon and Porto.

Other useful sites

Can’t find anything on the other Groupon sites? Here are some other websites to look at.

  • Ideal if you’re looking for things to do in Portugal, GetYourGuide allows you to book hundreds of different activities such as walking tours in Lisbon, wine tasting in Porto, and kayaking in the Algarve.
  • Wowcher & Living Social: Similar to Groupon, these UK-based sites often feature travel deals to Portugal.
  • TravelZoo: TravelZoo is great for all-inclusive deals, both super-budget and luxurious, that include both flights and your hotel. You can also always find great deals for destination in Portugal, particularly Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve.

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