Using Ebay in Portugal

There’s isn’t a Portuguese version of eBay ( in the same way that there is an,,, etc. Ebay just isn’t as popular in Portugal as it is in other countries.

That isn’t to say that it’s not worth using eBay in Portugal. It is. Even though there aren’t a huge number of Portuguese sellers on eBay, there are plenty from other European countries like the United Kingdom and Germany. Even with the cost of postage included, it’s often cheaper to order through Amazon or eBay particularly for many household and electrical items.

That doesn’t necessarily mean second-hand items, either. Although eBay started out as an auction site for second-hand items, these days, most of the items sold through eBay are brand new.

Of course, a large proportion of the products sold on eBay are second-hand and it is a great place to go to find second-hand or vintage products. The sellers will generally be from Northern European countries (UK, Germany, Ireland, etc.) but many will post to another country, especially a European country like Portugal.

If you’re specifically looking to buy second-hand items from Portuguese sellers, you are probably better off looking at one of the many classifieds websites that exist in Portugal like OLXCusto Justo, and segunda-mã

How to use eBay in Portugal

Regardless of which eBay site you’re using (,,, etc), what you want to be able to see is the cost of the product (including postage) to Portugal.

The easiest way to do this is to create an account and register your Portuguese address. Then, when you’re logged in eBay will show you 1) listings that can be sent to Portugal and 2) the final cost, including postage costs.

Tip: if you already have an eBay account, make sure your primary address is your Portuguese address. 

You can also go to and search for whatever you’re looking for in English (toaster, kettle, football jersey, etc). Most of the results you get back will be from UK sellers who ship to Spain. And, if they ship to Spain, there’s a good chance they ship to Portugal as well. (This also works if you search in German.)

Other tips for using eBay in Portugal

Ordering from within the EU is easier

If you buy a product from outside of Europe (for example: the USA) then it’s likely to get intercepted by Portuguese customs. Aside from the import costs you’ll have to pay, this can be quite annoying and will delay your package for at least a few days.

Now eBay does have a ‘Global Shipping Program’ where you can prepay the import charges, however, doing this doesn’t mean your item won’t slide through customs effortlessly. You’ll still get a phonecall and be asked to produce paperwork showing the item’s value and whether or not the customs charges have been paid.

So, if you can, order from a European seller unless the payoff is worth it. The easiest way to avoid US sellers is to go to (for English speakers) and then also to make sure European Union is selected from the checkbox on the left-hand side.

8 thoughts on “Using Ebay in Portugal”

  1. Hi James,I have recently sold my property on the Silver Coast near Obidos. The people buying the property don’t want to buy the contents. This includes all bed linen ,towels and furniture for a 3 bed house.Could you recommend any organisation or platform I could use to sell the contents.

    • Hi Neil,

      Are you in Portugal? Olx or Facebook marketplace would probably be the two biggest platforms for selling second hand things.

  2. “Now eBay does have a ‘Global Shipping Program’ where you can prepay the import charges, however, doing this doesn’t mean your item won’t slide through customs effortlessly.”
    But in the terms and conditions of this service, they say we don’t have to worry with customs, what do you mean we’ll get a phone call? please explain, thanks.

    • Hi Suzz,

      In my experience what happens is that you go through the Global Shipping Program, prepay customs, fill out the paperwork, etc. but customs in Portugal still phone you to confirm all the details. They may also ask you to send through your receipts for the item and any other relevant paperwork.

      Hopefully, it’ll get better with time but that’s what has happened to me in the past.

  3. In my experience, and I know many sellers have had the opposite experience(but I sell and buy pretty frequently for a casual ebayer); the sellers are the ones more likely to screw me over. I’ve had items never sent, electronics and games packaged so badly they arrived disfunctional assuming they hadn’t always been that way, people even changing listing descriptions or trying to force me to buy an item despite clear bidding manipulation on the bid history. Cannot stress how important it is to stand your ground as a buyer, how easy sellers can hurt you too using unscrupulous practices.

  4. estou com dificuldades em entrar pelo ebay, europa.
    agora tento novamente em portugal, porque as taxas de porte ficaram elevadíssimas !!!

    • Good question.

      I think the best option is to use to sell. I tried using, but it means you have to ship to the USA which a lot of people may not want.


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