IKEA Delivery in Portugal

IKEA has several stores across Portugal: One in Lisbon (Alfragide), one in Loures (about 18km from Lisbon), one in Braga, one in Matosinhos just outside of Porto, and one in Loulé near Faro.

Online Shopping & Delivery

While it’s possible to browse IKEA Portugal’s online catalogue online, it’s not possible to buy all of those products online. For a lot of products, you’ll have to physically go to the store to buy them (you can view IKEA’s online shop here) and then arrange delivery.

Most items can be delivered throughout Portugal, but delivery isn’t always cheap. It starts from €39 and works its way up to €189.

Delivery costs are calculated based on the amount you spend (e.g. up to €1,000, more than €3,000 etc.) and what zone your property or delivery address is in. For more information and to check stock of a particular product, go to your local IKEA page: Alfragide, LouresBragaMatosinhos, and Loulé.

As an example: using the online shop we added a SÖDERHAMN sofa to the basket. Here are some examples of what delivery would cost across Portugal:

  • Alcantara, Lisbon – €49
  • Beja – €129

On the plus side, delivery costs don’t really go up when you add more items so if you’re buying a few things (or furnishing a house) it can work out more affordable to arrange delivery with IKEA than to do it yourself.

The stock listed for Madeira and the Azores is different to that of mainland Portugal. Delivery prices started from €89 instead of €99.

IKEA Alternatives

The other alternative is to shop somewhere other than IKEA. La Redoute offers free delivery on a lot of items, including furniture. Conforama, for example, has eight stores in Portugal and a well-stocked online shop. Naturacasa.net is another online furniture shop, and delivery is free on orders over €400.

Delivery from other Countries

IKEA is often cheaper in other countries, for example in the UK or Germany, however sending large items like furniture abroad can make the savings minimal. If you order from IKEA in the UK, for example, you will need to send that to a UK address (either someone you know or a postal forwarding service) and then pay for shipping to Portugal.

For more expensive items, it is always worth checking to see if your home country is cheaper but with shipping added on sometimes the savings can be so small it’s not worth bothering.

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  1. Hi spent €750 on a bed and sofa bed gave them address but the assistant wrote down wrong town as we live in Lagos she wrote down tiavia so why did we have to pay another €94 delivery due there assistants cock up can we get the money for second delivery cost as this is unfair plus delivery was supposed to arrive today between 2pm and 6pm still no sign

  2. I had a delivery last Friday but one item was missing, the delivery driver marked the missing item on the delivery note and told me that the remaining item would be delivered within 3 days , this did not happen! I have had to return to England and am finding it difficult to contact anybody. Order was placed in store in Matosinhos, is there an e-mail address I can send my enquiry to ?

  3. This is very helpful! Just a question:
    We are currently in Toronto, Canada and have purchased a property in São Miguel, Azores. You mention that the stock list for the Azores is different. How can I access this stock list and will I be able to choose what I need and arrange for delivery on line, or do I need to make a trip to Lisbon to do it in person? Also, how does it work when the delivery arrives in São Miguel? ie Is there a warehouse that we pick our things up?
    Thank you

    • Hi Zeb,

      I am from Canada and am on Sao Miguel setting up a house here. I chose to furnish the house from Ikea and it has been an absolute nightmare. The delivery company does not show. Ikea representatives give different information, depending on who you talk to, and ultimately nobody cares.

      I am wondering if you ordered from Ikea Portugal and if yes, what was your experience?

  4. Love this website. Thank you for starting it. We are Canadians moving to Portugal and feel a little disconnected at the moment. Your posts help us normalize the move and look forward to it. Thanks again!


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