Electric Scooter Apps Lime, Hive, and Voi Come to Lisbon

There are lots of different ways to get around Lisbon: by tram, bus, metro, ferry, taxi, Uber or Taxify, and by foot. There’s even a government-owned bike sharing service, although it’s not really the most thought-out and functional service. Now, there’s one more mode of transport to add to that list: you can get around Lisbon by electric scooter as well. 

Electric scooter companies in Lisbon

There are several electric scooter companies in Lisbon, including Lime, Hive, and Voi, and, of those, Lime is probably the biggest. The California-based company has several hundred electric scooters located throughout Lisbon, although the majority are probably in and around Baixa and Cais do Sodré.

How to use the scooters

Each of the apps works in pretty much the same way.

  1. Download the app and register. 
  2. Enter your promo code for free rides/free credit (see below).  
  3. Look for nearby scooters (the app shows you how much battery each scooter has left)
  4. Walk over and unlock the scooter by scanning the QR Code. 

Once the scooter is unlocked, you can get on it and go. You’ll probably need to push with one foot to get a little momentum going but, once you do, the electric motor should then kick in.

Discount codes for each app

Most of the scooter companies offer a discount code that gives you free rides or credit to use against future rides. 

Getting around Lisbon by scooter

These scooters work best on flat, tarmacked surfaces. Unfortunately, a lot of Lisbon is made up of hilly, cobbled streets. Plenty of people use the scooters on the hills and cobbled streets, but it’s definitely a jiggly ride.

There are bike lanes in Lisbon (see the map below) and some parts of the city are tarmacked, and these areas are great for getting around by scooter. Cais do Sodré to Alcântara has bike lanes, for example, and this is definitely a fun way to get between the two neighbourhoods.

You can get up to 27 or 28 km/h along the flat, which is actually pretty fast – especially as you’re probably not going to be wearing a helmet. When you sign up with the app, it asks you to confirm that you will use a helmet but nobody in Lisbon seems to use one. 

Other apps for getting around Lisbon

Scooters aren’t the only form of transport that you can use with an app. There are also taxi apps like Uber, Cabify, and Taxify, most of which offer free credit when you sign up. You can also rent actual scooters (the ones that look like motorbikes) through apps like eCooltra

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