Long Term European Breakdown Cover for UK Drivers

By | Last updated: May 20, 2020

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While many breakdown policies offer European cover, there’s usually a limit as to how long that cover is valid for. Standard breakdown cover policies don’t offer long-term European cover but most companies usually have a separate expat-friendly option.

The AA – Offers a 364-day annual policy (which can now be bought online). Suitable for multiple trips to Europe. 

You can either get “Zone 2” coverage (which covers several countries including France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands as well) or get coverage for “All Zones” in Europe (which includes lots more of Central and Eastern Europe). 

Zone 2 will be enough for most people but, if you’re thinking of heading all around Europe, All Zones is actually only about £30 more expensive. 

Saga – Offers 365 day European breakdown cover for over 50s.

LV= – Offer 180 days European breakdown cover through their Britannia Rescue policy.

Stuart Collins – As well as their expat car insurance, Stuart Collins also offer breakdown cover, again with no time limit in Europe. However: this cover is only available to customers that also have their car insurance with Stuart Collins. 

The cover is also valid in the UK. This costs £185 per year which is in line with the other household name brands and possibly cheaper considering the policy includes UK cover.

Adac – A German company, Adac offer cover for UK reg cars as well. The website is in German and you will need to ask for an English-speaking operator if you have to phone up but otherwise it’s a very easy-to-use system. There are no time limits on your stay in Germany and cover typically costs around €70-80, which is exceptionally reasonable. Adac work with The AA in the UK so that’s who you’ll be picked up by if you breakdown in the UK. (According to a Portugalist reader, this is now only available to German residents). 

9 thoughts on “Long Term European Breakdown Cover for UK Drivers”

  1. Hi James.

    Ref the AA cover. They no longer offer the ‘Annual Long Stay’ policy. Their standard Annual policy now cover up to 364 days per trip. This policy can also be bought online.

  2. ADAC plus (full Euro cover) is now only available to German residents, and the Stuart Collins link gives a 404 not found error, so im still looking I guess.

    • Hi Stuart,

      It looks like Stuart Collins still do breakdown cover – they just updated their site and in the process broke the link. I’ve fixed it now.


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