3 Courses About Moving to Portugal That Cover All The Essentials

By James Cave / Published: September 2021.
Posted in: Living in Portugal

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When you’re moving to Portugal, getting good quality, accurate information is not only important – it’s essential. You can find a lot of the information you need on blogs, in the many different expat Facebook groups, and on YouTube, but it can be hard to know how accurate the information is. A lot of the information can contradict each other and it can be difficult to know which sources to trust. 

Thankfully, there are now a few books and courses about moving to Portugal. Moving to Portugal Made Simple, a book produced by Portugalist, is one of them, but it’s not the only one. It’s also not a course, which may be what you’re looking for.  

There are now several courses about moving to Portugal, most of which are made by other expats who’ve made the move here. Often priced at several hundred euros each, these courses aren’t cheap, but having accurate information is something that’s always worth paying for. 

Moving to Portugal Made Simple Cover Wish moving to Portugal was a little more simple? 

Now it can be. Get the book Moving to Portugal Made Simple from Amazon.

“How to Move to Portugal” by Our Rich Journey

Price: $300 / Refund Policy: No refunds

How to Move to Portugal is a video-based course offered by Our Rich Journey, a YouTubing couple who made the move to Portugal for very early retirement. The course covers all of the essentials, including visas and residence permits, housing, taxes, and working in Portugal. 

“Expats Portugal Plan” by Expats Portugal

Price: €697 / Refund Policy: Unknown 

Included as part of the Expats Portugal’s “Premium Plus” plan, the Expats Portugal Plan course covers a lot of the essential information for moving to Portugal, including visa options, banking, accommodation, shipping your belongings, and healthcare. Besides the course itself, you’ll also get access to useful checklists, the website’s forum, and support via email and text. 


Price: €397 to €1647 per year / Refund Policy: 7-day money-back guarantee 

Expacity isn’t a course, but more of a Netflix-style library of videos about moving to Portugal. Rather than having to go through the entire course to get the information you want, you can jump to the topic that you’re currently interested in (topics include information about visas, money and taxes, and housing). There are several hundred hours of recorded webinars and other digital content which has been created by professionals in the field, who are available for contact, and access to Expacity also includes access to online events and, depending on your membership level, a private online community as well. 

At the moment, these are the only courses that cover moving to Portugal, but don’t forget there are several helpful books on the topic too. There are also quite a few online courses that cover learning Portuguese, something you’ll most likely want to do if you’re moving here. 

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