Vila do Conde Guide: 5+ Things to See & Do

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Vila do Conde, located in the Northern region of Portugal, is a picturesque coastal town that offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Nestled near the mouth of the Ave River, Vila do Conde exudes a timeless charm, with its narrow cobbled streets, ornate churches, and impressive medieval architecture. The town’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean provides a backdrop of stunning sea views, complemented by expansive sandy beaches that are a magnet for both tourists and locals alike.

Founded over a thousand years ago, Vila do Conde’s history is rich and varied, reflecting its importance as a maritime and fishing hub. The town has been a prominent shipbuilding center since the Age of Discovery, and its maritime heritage is still evident in the scenic port area, adorned with traditional fishing boats. Historical landmarks like the Santa Clara Convent and the Church of São João Baptista provide glimpses into the town’s medieval past.

vila do conde marina

Known for its lively festivals, delicious seafood cuisine, and intricate lace-making tradition, Vila do Conde offers a unique cultural experience. The annual Feira de São João, a traditional fair held in June, is a highlight of the town’s cultural calendar, featuring music, dance, and local handicrafts. Visitors can also explore the Lace Museum to learn about the town’s renowned bobbin lace, a craft that has been passed down through generations.

Whether you are interested in history, looking to relax by the beach, or keen to explore the local arts and traditions, Vila do Conde provides a diverse and vibrant destination.

riverside at Vila do Conde

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What to Do

Igreja Matriz de São João Baptista

Igreja Matriz de São João Baptista

The Igreja Matriz de São João Baptista in Vila do Conde is one of the most significant historical and architectural landmarks in the town. Built in the 15th century, it stands as a remarkable example of Manueline architecture, displaying intricate stone carvings and beautiful decorative elements. The church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and features a stunning rose window, ornate columns, and unique ribbed vaulting.

The interior of the church is equally impressive with its elaborately carved altarpieces and beautiful stained glass windows. The main chapel hosts a magnificent retable that dates back to the late 17th century. Visitors are often captivated by the church’s serene ambiance and the artistry of its details.

Igreja e Mosteiro de Santa Clara

Igreja e Mosteiro de Santa Clara

The Igreja e Mosteiro de Santa Clara in Vila do Conde is an exquisite architectural complex that holds significant historical importance. Established in the 14th century, the church and monastery stand as splendid examples of Gothic architecture, and the complex is particularly noted for its beautiful cloisters, ornate carvings, and delicate tile work.

While the church remains a place of worship, portions of the former monastery have been converted into a museum. Visitors can explore the church’s beautiful interior and take guided tours through the museum, learning about the religious and cultural history of the area. The story of Santa Clara of Assisi, the namesake of the church, and the daily lives of the nuns who resided in the monastery are beautifully narrated through the artifacts and displays within the museum. The tranquil surroundings and the charming medieval architecture make the Igreja e Mosteiro de Santa Clara a must-visit for those exploring Vila do Conde.

Santa Clara Aqueduct

Santa Clara Aqueduct

The Santa Clara Aqueduct in Vila do Conde is a monumental structure that stands as a testament to the engineering prowess of the 18th century. Stretching for approximately 4 kilometers, it was constructed to supply water to the Santa Clara Convent, and its arches gracefully span the landscape, creating an iconic silhouette against the sky.

Built between 1705 and 1714, the aqueduct is composed of 999 arches and reaches heights of up to 30 meters. It’s one of the most significant examples of Baroque civil engineering in Portugal and has become a symbol of Vila do Conde’s historical and cultural heritage. A walk along the base of the aqueduct provides a unique perspective on this impressive structure, allowing visitors to appreciate its scale and architectural beauty.

Nau Quinhentista

Nau Quinhentista boat

The Nau Quinhentista is a full-scale replica of a 16th-century Portuguese ship, located in Vila do Conde, Portugal. This impressive vessel serves as a living museum and an emblem of the town’s rich maritime history. During the Age of Discovery, ships like the Nau Quinhentista played a vital role in the exploration and trade routes, and Vila do Conde was an essential shipbuilding center.

Visitors to the Nau Quinhentista can step aboard the ship and explore its decks, cabins, and riggings, all intricately crafted to replicate the original details. The ship offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of sailors and explorers during a defining period in Portuguese history. Guided tours and exhibitions within the ship further enrich the experience, providing insights into naval architecture, navigation techniques, and the broader context of Portugal’s maritime adventures.

Take a dip in the sea

Praia das Caxinas

Vila do Conde is blessed with a stunning coastline that offers a perfect escape for beach lovers. The nearby beaches, such as Praia de Azurara and Praia do Forno, are known for their soft golden sands and gentle waves, making them ideal for both sunbathing and swimming. The scenic beauty is enhanced by the backdrop of lush dunes and the meandering Ave River, providing picturesque views that capture the essence of the region’s natural charm.

For those interested in surfing or other water sports, several spots along the coastline cater to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts, with equipment rentals and lessons available. The beachside promenades are lined with cafes and restaurants, where visitors can enjoy fresh seafood and local delicacies while taking in the ocean views.

Getting Here

Thanks to its location close to Porto and the availability of public transport, Vila do Conde is very easy to get to. 

  • Flying: The nearest airport to Vila do Conde is Porto Airport (Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport),which is around 25 minutes by car. Regular flights from various international destinations arrive here. From the airport, you can take a taxi, rental car, or public transportation to reach Vila do Conde.
  • Train: Vila do Conde is well-connected by train services. The town’s train station is on the Linha do Minho, with regular services from Porto’s São Bento and Campanhã stations. The journey offers beautiful coastal views and takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes. For tickets and timetables, see 
  • Bus: Several intercity and regional bus services connect Vila do Conde to Porto and other major cities in Portugal. The bus station is located centrally, providing easy access to the town’s attractions. For long distance coaches, see Rede Expressos or 
  • Car: If you prefer to drive, Vila do Conde is easily accessible via the A28 motorway, which connects to Porto and other major road networks. The drive from Porto takes around 45 minutes, offering a scenic route along the coast. Parking facilities are available in and around the town.

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