Obtaining Portuguese Citizenship Through Your Parents or Grandparents

If you have a Portuguese parent (or even grandparent), you’re in luck: you may be eligible for Portuguese citizenship. In comparison to other routes to citizenship, the process is fairly straight-forward. Getting a parent’s or grandparent’s birth certificate is usually quite easy, and there’s no language requirement or requirement to live in Portugal for a … Read more

Sephardic Jewish Heritage? You May Be Eligible for Portuguese Citizenship

A sign for Rua Sinagoga (or Synagogue Street) in Castelo Rodrigo in Portugal

In 2013, Portugal passed a law of return which allows descendants of Sephardic Jews who have ties to Portugal to apply for Portuguese citizenship. And, unlike other routes to Portuguese citizenship, applicants do not need to live in Portugal or even speak Portuguese. The scheme officially started in 2015.  “The Portuguese Government may grant nationality … Read more

Portuguese Citizenship: 7 Ways You Could Become Portuguese


Portuguese citizenship comes with a number of benefits. These benefits include the right to live and work in Portugal, to study in Portugal, and to live, work, and travel within Europe as well. The Portuguese passport is also highly ranked, and gives you visa-free access to many countries around the world. You don’t need Portuguese … Read more