Visiting the Algarve in September

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September is one of the best summer months for visiting the Algarve. It’s still warm, and it’s a much more tolerable warm than the stifling temperatures of July and August.

September is also considerably quieter on the Algarve, and everything has calmed down after the busy month of August.

Reasons to visit the Algarve in September

It’s the quietest summer month. While July and August see the Algarve’s population swell from visiting tourists, by September the Algarve is comparably quiet again. September is still busy, and all of the restaurants and businesses will be open, but nowhere near what it was in the previous 2 months.

It’s still warm. Algarve temperatures in September usually sit somewhere around 30° C (86 °F), dropping to the late and mid-twenties as the month goes on. This is definitely warm enough for lying on the beach, and much more bearable than the July and August temperatures, which often top 40 ° C (104 °F).

If you want to take part in any activities like walking, golf, or just sight-seeing, this is a much better temperature to do it in.

Accommodation and other expenses are slightly cheaper. From Mid-July until Mid-September, prices for accommodation, car hire, flights, and other travel expenses are usually at their highest. However, from around mid-September onward, you should start to see a drop in prices.

What’s on in the Algarve in September

Festas do Pescador

Festas do Pescador (Festival of the Fishermen) takes place every year in Albufeira, paying tribute to the fishing community of the region. Expect plenty of fish and seafood – a chance to experience the Algarve’s wonderful gastronomy – and live music.

This event usually takes place towards the start of September. 

Festa de Alcoutim

Festa de Alcoutim (Alcoutin Festival) is an annual festival that comprises live music, fireworks, and live entertainment.

This event usually takes place in mid September. 

Festa Tradicional de Martim Longo

A traditional festival with live music, food stalls, crafts, workshops, and traditional dances.

This even usually takes place during the 1st weekend in September. 

Portugal Masters, Vilamoura

The Portugal Masters is an annual European professional men’s golf tournament, held every year on the Oceânico Victoria Golf Course in Vilamoura, which was designed by Arnold Palmer. If watching the lads compete for the €2 million prize fund gets you in the mood, the Algarve has lots of excellent golf courses. In October the weather is finally cool enough to enjoy them.

This event usually takes place in either September or October. For dates and more information, visit PortugalMasters.ptThe event was cancelled in 2023, and it’s uncertain if it’ll return to the Algarve.

Weather in the Algarve in September

Expect temperatures of around 30° C (86° F), particularly closer to the beginning of the month. By the end of the month, temperatures usually drop to somewhere between 20 and 25° (68° F – 77°F).

Have you visited the Algarve in September? Would you recommend it as a good time to visit? Share your thoughts, questions, and reviews by leaving a comment below. 

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