So You Want to Learn Portuguese in Lisbon?

A diverse group of students is engaged in a classroom setting. Some are writing on paper, while others work on laptops. The room has desks, chairs, and a large window. A wall features colorful posters with handwritten names. There are also several plants around.

You’ve decided that you want to learn European Portuguese and, more importantly, you want to learn Portuguese in Lisbon, but where do you begin? There are so many different language schools in Lisbon, how do you know which school is the best? Should you take an intensive course or would it be better to take … Read more

Reviews: European Portuguese Master Course by Mia Esmeriz Academy

A presentation slide with a title "Ask and Give Information." It includes Portuguese phrases with English translations: "Como (é que) te chamas?" (What's your name?), "Como é que ele se chama?" (What is his name?), and "Como é que ela se chama?" (What is her name?).

Mia Esmeriz is a Portuguese language teacher from Porto with a masters in teaching Portuguese to foreigners from Porto University. Her courses, which cover A1 to B2 European Portuguese, combine more than 10 years of teaching experience which she has picked up both as a Portuguese teacher and a language learner. (You can get 15% off … Read more

Does Google Translate Use European or Brazilian Portuguese?

The image shows the Google Translate logo. It includes a blue square with a white "G" and a smaller overlapping square with a character in a different language. To the right is the text "Google Translate" written in grey.

We all love and use Google Translate. But while it’s useful for translating French, German, or Spanish, there’s one thing you should know about using it for Portuguese: Google Translate normally uses Brazilian Portuguese and not European Portuguese. What does this mean in practice? So what should you use instead? Try It allows you … Read more

Pronunciation Mistakes English Speakers Make

A woman with long, dark hair smiles, pulling one side of her hair, with a Portuguese flag in the top right corner. The text reads, "Portuguese Pronunciation Mistakes English Speakers Make," alongside British and American flags.

Native English speakers aren’t exactly best known for speaking other languages well… And I can say that because I am a native English speaker and when I speak Portuguese people are often shocked. “Inglesa? E falas Português assim tão bem?” So I have made it my mission to help those of you who have zero … Read more

Portuguese Slang, Insults, & Swear Words (You Probably Don’t Need to Know)

A word cloud in the shape of a cross features various Portuguese and Spanish words in different colors and sizes. The words include strong language and profanities such as "Caralho," "Paneleiro," "Filho da puta," and "Cona" on a light brown background.

Welcome to the colorful and occasionally rambunctious world of European Portuguese slang and those words your Portuguese grandma might gasp at! Let’s forget about the standard Portuguese courses (and other great resources) for a second and take a look at the fun side of European Portuguese. In this article, we’ll dive into the expressions that … Read more

Reviews: Pimsleur’s European Portuguese

Pimsleur logo featuring a stylized speech bubble with blue and navy overlapping segments on the left, and the text "Pimsleur" in bold, navy letters on the right.

Pimsleur’s European Portuguese is a popular audio-based course that covers the very basics of Portuguese. It’s ideal for dedicated tourists or those who are just getting started in European Portuguese and want something to build their confidence. Previously Pimsleur was sold in MP3 or CD-format, but now all of their courses are accessible through the … Read more

Should Your Learn Brazilian or European Portuguese?

Two flags hang side by side outside a building: the Brazilian flag on the left, featuring a green background, yellow diamond, blue globe, and white stars, and the Portuguese flag on the right, featuring green and red sections with a coat of arms. In the background are old city buildings.

You’ve decided to learn Portuguese and you’ve hit your first stumbling block: whether to learn Brazilian or European Portuguese. It isn’t a question people generally have to ask themselves when they’re learning French or Spanish but it’s a question that you need to ask yourself when learning Portuguese. Is there that big a difference between … Read more

European Portuguese: The Secret to Understanding FAST Portuguese

A woman with long hair looks frustrated and holds her head with both hands. The background is divided into pink and white sections. The text reads "UNDERSTAND NATIVE PORTUGUESE SPEAKERS!" with a Portuguese flag and two question marks.

Have you ever wondered why European Portuguese when spoken FAST is SO DIFFICULT to understand? The Portuguese drop and swallow sounds all over the place, making it hard for learners like you to pick up on what is being said. In this article I will explain why that is, and some of the most common … Read more

20+ Portuguese TV Shows (With Subtitles) That You Can Stream

A vintage LAVIS 812 television with a red frame, black screen, and control knobs on the right side. The TV has dials for UHF and VHF channels, volume, tone, and brightness. The set is placed on a wooden surface against a blurred background.

Watching Portuguese TV can be a great way to learn a few new Portuguese words and phrases and immerse yourself in the sounds of the Portuguese language. Unless your Portuguese is already at a very good level, you’re going to need to watch TV with Portuguese subtitles (legendas). That way, you can listen and read … Read more

Reviews: Linguno – A Very Comprehensive Language Learning App

A language learning app screenshot shows a conjugation exercise for the Portuguese verb "conhecer" in present tense. The sentence prompt is "Me ___?" with the correct answer "conheces" entered. The interface includes a check button and two user icons.

Linguno is a very interesting language app that could really help you improve your listening, grammar, and vocab skills. The app covers several languages, including German, Spanish, French, and Italian, and it also covers Portuguese. Not only does it cover Portuguese, but it actually covers both European and Brazilian Portuguese. It’s one of the few … Read more