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Does Rosetta Stone Offer European Portuguese?

If you’re planning to learn Portuguese, or any language for that matter, the first brand that springs to mind is probably Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone offers Portuguese on its website but if you’ve been learning Portuguese for a while, you’ll know that there are some major differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese. So which does Rosetta Stone teach? Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone teaches Brazilian Portuguese as opposed to European Portuguese. This is great news if you’re

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Does Mondly Teach European Portuguese?

Up there with Duolingo and Babbel, Mondly is a popular language learning app where you can learn foreign languages like French, German, Spanish, and even less popular languages like Persian, Korean, and Latin. You can also learn Portuguese, but is that Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese?  Unfortunately for those planning to move to Portugal, Mondly focuses on the Portuguese that’s spoken in Brazil and not the Portuguese that’s spoken in Portugal. This means that there

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How Long Does It Take to Learn European Portuguese?

One of the challenges of moving to most countries in Europe is having to learn the language. However, that’s one area where Portugal is a much easier place to live than France, Spain, or Italy: English is widely spoken in Portugal, particularly in places like the Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto.  In fact, many people manage to live for years without ever really learning much more than the basics. But what if you genuinely want to

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You Don’t Have To Come to Portugal For An Intensive European Portuguese Course

Intensive language courses can be a fantastic way to learn a language, particularly the foundations of the language. Most people find that by studying for a few hours each day they learn and retain a lot more Portuguese than they would if they just took a course for an hour or two per week. Plus, it can be a great way to meet other people learning Portuguese – particularly if your course has a residential

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Reviews: DinoLingo – A Fun Portuguese Language Learning App for Kids

DinoLingo is one of the few European Portuguese teaching resources that’s aimed at children. It’s designed to teach a foreign language in a gamified and immersive manner, using cartoons, games, and songs so it feels like watching a cartoon rather than taking a language class. It’s an ideal resource if you’re planning to move to Portugal (or are already here) and want to get your child up to scratch with Portuguese before they start school

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Oops! I Started Learning Brazilian Portuguese (and not European Portuguese)

One of the most common mistakes people moving to Portugal make is by downloading an app that teaches Brazilian Portuguese (e.g. Duolingo or Babbel) and not European Portuguese. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! A lot of people don’t initially realise there’s a big difference between “European Portuguese” and “Brazilian Portuguese.” After all, the differences between British and American English or European and South American Spanish aren’t as big.  In Portuguese, however, they can be.

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European Portuguese Resources for Kids

If you’re planning on moving to Portugal with your kids, you may be concerned about the challenges of learning Portuguese. It’s true that children learn languages faster than adults, but you don’t necessarily want to throw them in at the deep end – instead, you probably want to give them opportunities to study the language in their own time. Ideally, you want them (and you) to start learning Portuguese before you move to Portugal. Although

Should Your Learn Brazilian or European Portuguese?

You’ve decided to learn Portuguese and you’ve hit your first stumbling block: whether to learn Brazilian or European Portuguese. It isn’t a question people generally have to ask themselves when they’re learning French or Spanish, but for some reason, it’s a question that you need to ask yourself when learning Portuguese. Is there that big a difference between the Portuguese spoken in Brazil and the Portuguese spoken in Portugal? Yes and no. If you learn

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Does Google Translate Use European or Brazilian Portuguese?

We all love and use Google Translate. But while it’s useful for translating French, German, or Spanish, there’s one thing you should know about using it for Portuguese: Google Translate normally uses Brazilian Portuguese and not European Portuguese. What does this mean in practice? So what should you use instead? Try It allows you to translate to and from European Portuguese (or Brazilian Portuguese, if you prefer). Does this mean you should never use

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Does Babbel Offer European or Brazilian Portuguese?

Babbel is one of the biggest language learning companies in the world, offering courses for multiple languages such as Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Portuguese. But after starting to learn Portuguese with Babbel many people find themselves asking a question they didn’t know was important: does Babbel teach Brazilian or European Portuguese? The answer is: Babbel teaches Brazilian Portuguese, much like another popular app, Duolingo. Although Babbel don’t specifically refer to it as Brazilian Portuguese,