10+ Package Forwarding Companies That Ship to Portugal

Online shopping in Portugal is pretty limited in comparison to many other European countries. There isn’t even an Amazon.pt: if you want to shop on Amazon, you’ll need to head to Amazon Spain, UK, or Germany.

If that wasn’t bad enough, many sellers on Amazon (and eBay) don’t ship to Portugal.

This problem isn’t unique to Portugal. Many other countries around the world are in the same boat, but package forwarding companies offer a solution.

What’s a package forwarding company?

Let’s say you want to buy something from a company in the UK, but the company doesn’t ship to Portugal. All you need to do is get that item delivered to a package forwarding company, and they will then send your package to your address in Portugal.

Obviously, there’s a fee for doing this and, being honest, it’s normally annoyingly more expensive than it should be. But, if you’re desperate to buy something that you can’t get in Portugal, it’s one of the easiest ways to get your hands on that product.

Package forwarding companies in the UK

Package forwarding companies in Germany

Package forwarding companies in Spain

Package forwarding companies in the USA

Alternatives to using a package forwarding company

Package forwarding companies are useful, but they can be expensive – especially if they insist on using a courier rather than the standard mail service.

The alternatives are to go to the country (sometimes flights to the UK and even US are so cheap that you could make a small holiday out of it) or get someone who’s coming to Portugal to bring it to you.

The latter is a fairly new concept that’s being pioneered by companies like Grabr and Airfrov. A lot of people won’t feel comfortable having their new iPad or other expensive items delivered to a stranger, but it’s definitely an alternative that’s worth considering.

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