Review: Porto Airport ANA Lounge

James Cave / Last Updated: March 6, 2023

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Porto Airport (full name: Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport) is a fairly small, international airport but nowhere near as busy as Lisbon Airport. There are usually a few empty seats in the departure lounge and, unlike other airports, it usually doesn’t feel too hectic. Still, even if the airport isn’t too busy, it’s still nice to get away from the main departure lounge sometimes.

Porto Airport has one private lounge: the ANA lounge, which is situated upstairs in the main departure terminal. Depending on your ticket, you may be able to get into the lounge for free (or for a discounted price). Alternatively, anyone can pay the entry price of €26.

Just the facts

  • Access to the lounge at Porto Airport costs €26 (reserve online at
  • The lounge opens at 5:00 am. It closes at 23:00.
  • The maximum stay is 3 hours.
  • Children are allowed, and children under 1 year are admitted for free.

Food & Drink

Food options at the Porto Airport lounge are limited to cheese or ham sandwiches, yogurts, some crisps and nuts, and salgados (deep-fried Portuguese snacks such as pasteis de bacalhau). If you’re lucky, you may even get a pastel de nata (Portuguese custard tart). It’s not the most exciting food selection in an airport lounge, but it’s not terrible either.

For vegetarians and especially vegans, the selection will be even more limited. Most of the prepared food contained either meat or cheese. Still, most places in Portugal aren’t used to catering to vegetarians and vegans so this shouldn’t be surprising.

In terms of drinks selection, the lounge scores much higher. There’s plenty of alcoholic drinks available to pour including Portuguese red and white wine, beer, white Port (chilled and not chilled), vodka, whisky, Baileys, and gin.

The soft drinks were disappointing, however. The coffee (from a drip coffee machine) tasted slightly burnt, and the orange juice was made from concentrated orange juice rather than fresh orange juice.

Since Portugal excels at making coffee and producing oranges (so much so that the Turkish word for orange is Portakal), I would have expected these to be better. If you fancy a fruit juice, I’d recommend going to the fridge where you’ll find bottled apple and tomato juices. There you’ll also find fizzy drinks such as coke, iced tea, and sparkling water.


There are plenty of comfortable seats in the lounge. Some are inside, and others are on a balcony overlooking the rest of the departure lounge.

Wi-Fi & Business Services

The lounge has its own Wi-Fi network. At the time of writing, it had a download speed of 2.91 Mbps and an upload speed of 2.92 Mmbps. This is an okay speed: you can easily browse the internet, check e-mails, and even watch the odd Youtube video or two. For paid lounge access, however, it’s a little slower than I would have expected.

If you don’t have your laptop with you, there’s a small business area with a collection of internet-ready desktop computers, a printer, fax, and telephone.

Overall, the Ana lounge at Porto Airport is pretty good. There are a few things in this review that I think could be improved, but it’s nothing that wouldn’t stop me returning.

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  1. Pathetic Lounge both occasions visited lounge just very dry rolls no hot snacks available after 17h00 staff start packing up whilst lounge closes at 23h00 all hot foods been served by 17h00 seriously pathetic to say the least

  2. Both time ive been there in the opening the food is served 20min after opening well suited to my short stay without a simple snack either... Only beverages available to grab and run.. shameful lounge.. dont even think to pay for it!

  3. Thanks Andre!

    Always good to have comments like these as it's a while since I was there. I need to go back and do another review.

  4. I’ve been a regular visitor to ANA lounge for several years. I find the staff relatively cool in their demeanour, albeit professional in their approach. The odd person manning the front counter does offer a tentative smile, if you’re lucky.

    The food is excellent and is mostly traditional Portuguese cuisine, which compares with the best in the world, as far as my experience goes.

    The Wi-Fi facility is excellent and the choice of soft and alcoholic drinks could not get any better, and excels anything offered in UK airport lounges.

    The seating arrangements, inside the main lounge section, and upon the balcony are very comfortable and inviting with wall sockets and soft lighting next to each one. The good news is that there is always ample space to find a seat to relax in. I’ve never found it to be so full that I had to be turned away - unlike some lounges in the UK.

    I would recommend this lounge highly to any traveller wishing to relax for a quite few hours to get some work done prior to embarking their flight.

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