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Online Shopping in Portugal: 10 of the Best International & Portuguese Shops

Last updated in October 2019 | 7 Comments from Portugalist readers.

Online shopping in Portugal is fairly disappointing, it has to be said. There are only a handful of good online retailers here, and delivery is often quite expensive. 

Most people (both Portuguese and locals) end up shopping with retailers in Spain, the UK, Germany, and the United States rather than in Portugal. This means that you normally have to wait at least a few days for your order to arrive, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be eligible for delivery. 

Popular international shops

Unsurprisingly a lot of shopping is international. This isn’t just expats that shop here, but Portuguese shoppers as well. 


Amazon is probably the most popular online shop in Portugal, despite not having a warehouse here, although it’s always a close tie with eBay. Amazon Spain is probably the most popular Amazon site to shop at, as it often offers free delivery to Portugal. 

For Portuguese speakers, it’s also fairly easy to understand Amazon Spain. If you don’t speak Spanish, read the guide to translating Amazon Spain into English

Amazon UK is the next most popular Amazon shop. This is probably partly to do with the number of English-speaking expats living in Portugal, but also because Amazon UK is the largest Amazon store in Europe. 

Amazon Germany is the next most popular shop, but it isn’t particularly popular in Portugal. This is probably because most people don’t know that you can switch Amazon Germany from German to English


EBay is extremely popular in Portugal, and may even be more popular than Amazon. This is partly because there’s a big demand for secondhand (read: cheaper) products in Portugal, but also because eBay is also slightly easier to use than Amazon. 

With Amazon, often you don’t know how much shipping will be until you get to the checkout. Sometimes, and this is actually quite regular, you’ll find out that the seller doesn’t actually ship to Portugal. 

Ebay is much easier. You can click to short by ‘Price + Shipping: Lowest First’ and eBay will include the cost of shipping the product to Portugal. If the product can’t be delivered to Portugal, eBay won’t show it. 


Gearbest is a popular site for buying electronics, clothes, toys, and just about everything else from China. The products are usually much cheaper than what you can find in Europe, but are usually made by a brand you’ve never heard of. Standard shipping is also generally quite slow, and orders often take more than a month to arrive and are often stopped by customs.

That said, it’s usually very affordable and, if you know what you’re looking for, you can often save quite a bit of money by shopping there. 


Aliexpress is another popular shop for buying Chinese-made products, not just in Portugal but around the world. It’s particularly popular in countries like Brazil, Russia, the United States, and Spain. 

Essentially, Aliexpress is eBay but for brand new, Chinese-made products. This could be anything from gadgets and electronics to clothing, but also power tools, home and garden appliances, furniture, or sporting equipment. You name it, you can get it on Aliexpress. 

As with Gearbest, shipping can be quite slow and many items get held up in Portuguese customs. 

Popular Portuguese shops

Although international sites like Amazon and Aliexpress are extremely popular in Portugal, that’s not to say that Portugal doesn’t have its own native companies. The following are just a handful of the most popular online shops in Portugal. 


Worten is a Portuguese chain that sells electronics and home appliances – everything from laptops and mobile phones to fridges, televisions, and blenders. You’ll find a Worten in just about every part of Portugal, including Madeira and the Azores, as well as in parts of Spain. Worten’s online shop, worten.pt, is one of the most popular Portuguese online shops in Portugal. 


Fnac is a French chain that sells music, electronics and appliances, gifts, gaming equipment and video games, and toys. Like Worten, Fnac is fairly widespread and you’ll find a Fnac store in most parts of Portugal. 


OLX technically isn’t a shop. It’s a classifieds website, similar to Craigslist in the US or Gumtree in the UK and Australia. It isn’t the only classifieds website in Portugal. Other popular sites include Sapo, Custo Justo, Coisas, and Miau. 

Still, it’s one of the most popular Portuguese destinations for online shopping. Like Craigslist or any other classifieds website, you can buy everything here from new and second hand mobile phones to furniture, clothes, cars, and more. 


Continente is one of Portugal’s largest Portuguese supermarkets but, as well as being a place to buy groceries, it’s also a popular place to buy homewares, furnishings, furniture, gifts, and toys. 


Wook is a Portuguese online bookshop that sells printed books and ebooks. Prices tend to be higher than Amazon or Book Depository but, despite this, it’s still one of Portugal’s most popular online stores. 


Ticketline is Portugal’s largest ticket website. If you’re looking for tickets to concerts and events, the theatre or even the cinema, there’s a good chance it’s sold through Ticketline. As so many events are sold through ticketline, it’s actually a good website to look at just to see what’s happening locally. 

Last updated in October 2019.
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    • It depends.

      Are you buying from a seller in the EU? If so, then there are no import taxes to pay.

      If you’re buying from outside of the EU (e.g. the USA) then you do need to pay import taxes. EBay has a “Global Shipping Program” that allows you to pay those taxes in advance when you go through the checkout, but, from experience, your item may still get slowed down at customs – although you won’t have anything to pay.

      This service isn’t available for all items, and you can choose to pay the customs yourself as well.

      So, basically it depends on where the seller is located.

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    The product is called” Casa Pontinha de Sal Tempero para Peixes”
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    Alan Sazant

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