8 Unique Airbnbs in Portugal

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Coming to Portugal and want to stay somewhere that’s a bit more exciting than a hotel? Why not rent accommodation through Airbnb instead?

Now, not all of the accommodation options that you’ll find on Airbnb are exciting. In fact, most are just magnolia-decorated, IKEA-furnished, short-term rentals. But, there are a few gems hidden in there. You just have to look hard for them.

Don’t worry: you won’t have to trawl through all of Airbnb’s listings to find those few gems. We’ve done that for you. From treehouses in Setúbal to Shepherd’s huts in the Algarve, here are 8 of the most unique and quirky Airbnbs from all across Portugal.

A converted windmill in Setúbal

Listing on Airbnb

Offering 360-degree views of the surrounding Portuguese countryside, as well as a pool that’s just for you, this Airbnb is ideal for those that want a little luxury with their quirkiness. Should you ever want to leave your accommodation, the nearby coast is just a 15-minute drive from the property while the nearest town is just 15 minutes by foot.

A Super Mario Bedroom in Lisbon

Listing on Airbnb

For Super Mario fans looking for an Airbnb in Lisbon, there can be no other option than this Super Mario themed bedroom. The geekiness doesn’t end with the wallpaper: the bedroom is equipped with a Wii U and 2 Nintendo 3DS with Zelda.

A monastery in the North of Portugal

Listing on Airbnb

Unless you’re feeling particularly flush, you probably won’t be renting this Airbnb by yourself. At nearly €3,000 a night, the nightly rate is not cheap. Then again, this 1,000-year-old monastery can cater for you to 14 guests, so that’s only just over €200 per person, per night. That’s still a bit expensive for most people, but it could be ideal if you’re look for a venue for your wedding or other large event.

A treehouse near Setúbal

Listing on Airbnb

This eco-lodge in Abela near Setúbal is a great example of glamping (glamorous camping). Like camping, you get all the fun of being close to nature. Unlike camping, you don’t have to put up your own tent. The eco campsite even has a pool as well as breakfast and dinner options, perfect if you don’t feel like cooking.

A tent on a banana farm in the Azores

Listing on Airbnb

If glamping sounds too posh for you, why not try some good old-fashioned camping instead? This Airbnb is situated on a banana farm in the Azores Islands, a 20-minute walk from Angra do Heroismo. The accommodation is cheap, just €10 per night, which includes as many bananas as you can eat.

Want to camp in Madeira? There’s a similar Airbnb listing there as well.

A wooden “pod” in Setúbal

Listing on Airbnb

Back to glamping, and back to Setúbal. This cozy pod is located just 45km from Lisbon, making it ideal for breaks away from the city. As well as the pod itself, there’s also a fire pit, hammock, and organic vegetable garden for guests to enjoy.

A yacht docked at Porto’s marina

Listing on Airbnb

Located in the marina at Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto) is this beautiful yacht, available to rent through Airbnb. The yacht has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and wireless internet. You won’t be able to take it up the Douro river, but you’ll be situated in the centre of Porto city centre — ideal for exploring the nearby Port houses.

A campervan in Madeira

Listing on Airbnb

Unlike the yacht in Porto, you can take this Airbnb with you wherever you go in Madeira. It’s a fun way to get around the island, and since it has its own bed, you won’t need to worry about booking accommodation as well.

All photos courtesy of Airbnb

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