8 Great Reasons to Live on Portugal’s Silver Coast

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The Silver Coast is rapidly growing in popularity. And it has a lot to offer, including proximity to major airports like Lisbon and Porto Airport, an authenticity you won’t find in the more touristy parts of Portugal, affordability, and, of course, that sparkling silver coastline it is so famous for. 

The following are just 8 reasons you should consider moving here. 


The Silver Coast has long been marketed as a more affordable Algarve, and affordability is one of the biggest reasons people consider this region. While property prices are going up, the region is still more affordable than the Algarve or cities like Lisbon or Porto. 

As an example, according to Idealista.pt, as of March 2023, property costs €1,738 per metre squared in Caldas da Rainha, €2,332 per metre squared in Nazaré, and €937 per metre squared in Tomar. In comparison, property in the Algarve region costs €3,130 per metre squared on average. 

However, it isn’t just affordability that separates the Silver Coast from the Algarve but authenticity too. Although the Silver Coast has rapidly grown in popularity with tourists and expats alike, it’s still less touristy than the Algarve or big cities like Lisbon and Porto. 

Great choice of towns & cities

From small cities like Aveiro and Coimbra to smaller towns like Caldas da Rainha and Figueira da Foz, there are lots of great places to live on the Silver Coast. Your biggest challenge may be narrowing down exactly where you want to live. 


While the winters on the Silver Coast aren’t quite as mild as those in the Algarve, the Silver Coast has fantastic weather overall – particularly during summer. In fact, being that little further north can be a big benefit during the summer months as the weather in the Algarve and Alentejo can get quite hot during this time. 

The Beaches

The Silver Coast is exactly that, kilometres and kilometres of beautiful coastline. So many that you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice. Some of the most beautiful beaches include Paredes da Vitória Beach near Nazaré and Foz do Arelho near Caldas da Rainha. If you prefer beach towns, be sure to check out Figueira da Foz and São Martinho do Porto. 


Depending on where you live, Lisbon or Porto Airport should be within a few hours’ drive. Both are good airports, although Lisbon may be a better option for those that need to take a lot of international flights. 

Proximity to cities

If you don’t need to live in a big city like Lisbon or Porto, you could just live near one. Peniche, Caldas da Rainha, and Torres Vedras are all within a 90 minute drive of Lisbon while Aveiro and Coimbra are within a 90 minute drive of Porto. Living near either city means you’re close to amenities like an international airport, stores like IKEA, and international food stores. 

Expat Communities

While the Silver Coast is nowhere near as popular as Lisbon or the Algarve with expats, it is still very international. You’ll find people from all over the world here, but particularly from places like the US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Venezuela, and Brazil. 

While living in an area with a lot of expats can have its downsides, the upsides are that it’s easy to get to know other people, get information about the area, and there are often lots of expat-friendly services to help you get settled. 

The Surf

There are lots of great surfing spots on the Silver Coast, as well as towns that attract surfers who live there year-round. If you’re a surfer and are looking for a base in Portugal, two of the main surfing towns to consider are Nazaré and Peniche. 

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  1. Ola! My wife and I just returned from our second bike trip in Portugal. The first one was in the fall across the Algarve region. This time, we rode from Porto to Sintra. We totally fell in love with the Silver Coast. I hope it doesn’t feel like there are too many Americans moving to Portugal, but for the entire trip, we felt like “the vibe” in Portugal is perfect for us.

    Do you have any advice for looking for real estate in the region from Sintra to Praia Grande? We have dogs and cats, so we would love a yard. We’re also pondering a place where we could rent out a detached space. I’ve worked remotely for the same company for 17 years and my wife is a brilliant small-business owner. If we did this, we would want to be able to offer a full-time job or two to Portuguese people and pay them a living wage.

    Thanks for this article!


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