Netflix in Portugal: Shows & Films to Watch

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Published: October 2017 & Last Updated: June 2022

Once upon a time, you needed a VPN to access Netflix. Now it’s possible to watch Netflix in Portugal and, not only that, but they now have Portuguese shows as well. And not just Brazilian shows, but shows from Portugal (and of course places like the US as well).

Admittedly, there aren’t as many Portuguese shows as there are Spanish or English shows, but it’s a start. Currently, the two Portuguese shows that are on there are Gloria and Until Life do us Part. And, as these shows are set in Portugal, you can expect to hear “European Portuguese” rather than “Brazilian Portuguese”.

Glória is a historical thriller drama television series set in Portugal during the Cold War. It has been well-rated, both by critics and viewers, although those that didn’t like it complained that it was too dark. If you’re looking for something light-hearted, this probably isn’t the show for you.

Until Life do us Part (Até Que a Vida nos Separe) is a show that’s that but lighter. It follows the lives of three generations of the same family and the wedding planning business that they run. It is similarly well-reviewed.

Brazilian Shows and Films

While the Portuguese lineup is still a little small, there are a lot more shows and films from Brazil. You can also switch the audio on many TV shows to hear them dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese. Warning: this does sound very strange, particularly if you know the show already, but it’s useful to know if you’re learning Portuguese and need more material. Generally, it seems to come across a little more natural with Spanish-language shows than it does with English-language shows.

Popular shows and films from Brazil include:

  • 3% (TV series)
  • The Mechanism (TV series)
  • Nobody’s Looking (TV series)
  • Killer Ratings (documentary)
  • Brotherhood (film)

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  2. Alright, Sheng, calm down.

    Netflix uses your location to offer different shows. If you're in Portugal, it shows you, simple.

  3. Netflix portugal is the most stupid thing ever. I live in US and I have US credit card. While I was staying in Portugal, I just wanted to create an account and watch something. BUT everything is in EUROS which means it would cost more for me since I am using US credit card (currency exchange fees). I want to switch to Netflix USA but it does not let me. SO bullshit, now I am not getting a netflix account anymore.

  4. Bom Dia

    I wonder if you know the answer to this question:
    I have a Netflix account in the UK.
    When I am in Portugal if I have wifi in my flat ~will I be able to access my (UK) Netflix account ?
    After all, I am paying the sub each month ~does it matter where I am accessing the service from ?

    On a related matter : using wifi in the flat ~will I be able to access the Portuguese equivalent of the BBC iPlayer ?
    And if so, what might I expect to find therein ?
    PS: Like the idea of your website ~ there do not seem to be many comments as yet ? Or is that something to do with my computer's add blocker ?