Destinations in Portugal

Whether you’re thinking about moving to Portugal or just visiting, one of the biggest questions people have is: where should I go? In this article, we look at some of the most popular places in Portugal as well as a few hidden gems that you might not have heard of.

As well as the following guides to cities and regions of Portugal, you may also enjoy our roundups of places to live and visit, including:

Places in Porto & Northern Portugal

Home to Portugal’s second (and some would argue better) city, Porto, as well as smaller and less touristic cities like Braga, Guimarães, and Barcelos, Northern Portugal has a lot to offer.

Those are just the cities, of course. Northern Portugal also includes beautiful beaches, stunning natural parks like Peneda-Gerês, and the beautiful River Douro.

Places in Central Portugal

Places in Lisbon & Nearby

Places in The Alentejo

Portugal’s largest region, The Alentejo, is an incredibly varied one, with both a rustic coastal region and an inland farming region.

Although most people only ever go to Évora, there are lots of other towns and villages that are just as worthy of your time.

And while tourism to the Alentejo has grown in recent years, particularly in the form of eco and vineyard tourism, the region is still relatively untouched by tourism.

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The Algarve

Home to Portugal’s best weather and best beaches, the Algarve is an incredibly popular place for people to both visit and to live in.

Made up of two small cities and lots of little whitewashed towns, the region is a popular destination for surfers and, in recent years, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for walkers and cyclists as well.

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The Azores

Nine islands make up The Azores, the group of islands that sit between Portugal and the United States.

Most people, if they visit The Azores at all, only visit São Miguel but, whether it’s whale watching, lakes, or underground caves, each of the islands has something unique to offer.

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