The Pros & Cons of Living in the Algarve

Algarve cliffs

The Algarve is often cited as one of the best places in the world to live, particularly for retirees. It has fantastic weather (more than 300 days of sunshine), some of the best beaches in the world, and a thriving expat scene. But, like everywhere else in the world, for every pro of living in … Read more

A Guide to Living on the Algarve

A beach near Sagres

With more than 300 days of sunshine and it’s relatively low cost of living, the Algarve is one of the most popular expat destinations in Europe.  The Algarve is roughly 155 km in width, and the region stretches from the Atlantic on the West Coast to the Spanish-Portuguese border in the East. Within the Algarve, … Read more

What It’s like to live in Portimão, Algarve

Portimao Riverfront

Portimão isn’t as easy on the eye as Ferragudo, a small coastal town that’s located on the opposite side of the Arade estuary. While Ferragudo is made up of small white-washed little houses, some of them former fisherman’s cottages, Portimão’s landscape is dominated by large apartment blocks. It’s also 2 km from the nearest beach, … Read more

What it’s like to live in Silves, Algarve


As Algarve towns go, Silves is one of the most beautiful and most interesting. It’s home to Silves Castle (Castelo de Silves), one of the most popular historical attractions on the Algarve, as well as a few other smaller attractions like Silves Cathedral (Sé de Silves) and the Old Roman Bridge (Ponte Romana De Silves) … Read more

Faial Travel Guide: What to See, Do, Eat, & Drink

faial guide header

Faial is one of the most beautiful islands in the Azores, and it offers several interesting things to do. It has a good airport and so it’s possible to get here from mainland Portugal (Lisbon mainly) as well as from many of the other islands on the Azores including Terceira and São Miguel. It also … Read more

Cheese, Clams, & Coffee – A Travel Guide to São Jorge

sao jorge header

Known as the “dragon island” and the “island of fajãs,” São Jorge is one of the most intriguing islands on the Azores. It’s incredibly hilly and steep, and many of the people live on fajãs – land that forms at the bottom of a cliff after an avalanche. Some people, those living in the town … Read more

Caves, wine, & cakes – A travel guide to Terceira

terceira travel guide header

Terceira is the second most popular Azores island after São Miguel. It has good flight connections to mainland Portugal and some international destinations like the UK and US, and it’s usually a popular island to visit. There aren’t as many attractions here as there are on São Miguel, but Terceira has its own charm. It’s … Read more

Wine, Whales, & A Very Big Mountain – The Pico Island Travel Guide

Famous for wine, whales, and its mountain, Pico is becoming an ever-increasingly popular island to visit on The Azores.  It’s also relatively easy to get to. It may not have direct flights from mainland Portugal yet, but the nearby Island of Faial does and you can get connecting flights from many of the other islands. … Read more

Sintra Travel Guide: What to See, Do, & Eat

Sintra Travel Guide Header

Visit Sintra and you will be surrounding by tuk-tuks, tourist trap restaurants, thousands of people taking selfies, and everything else that’s annoying touristy places. But as annoying as all of that can be, it’s not worth missing Sintra over. Sintra is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, and somewhere that you definitely should … Read more